Breast Lift Incision Options

Depending on the degree of sagging (ptosis) in the breasts that you are experiencing, Scottsdale plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Brown will recommend a different incision type to achieve your desired results from a breast lift procedure.

Peri-Areolar Incision

For breasts that have a minimal amount of sagging, Dr. Brown may use a peri-areolar incision, often called a “donut” incision because of its shape. The donut incision will circle the circumference of your areola. If you are receiving breast implants in addition to your breast lift and require minimal movement of the nipple and areola this type of lift may be right for you.

Short Scar Incision

If your breasts have a moderate amount of sagging, Dr. Brown may use a short scar incision that circles the areola and drops vertically down the front of your breast. Sometimes this incision is called the “lollipop” incision because of its shape.

Anchor Incision

For breasts that require the most lift, Dr. Brown may use the anchor incision. This incision consists of a circle around your areola, a vertical incision down your breast, and a horizontal incision along your breast crease. This incision option is used commonly with a breast reduction procedure.

During your consultation, Dr. Brown will discuss the best incision for your breast lift. If you are combining a breast lift and breast augmentation, you will discuss the variety of options available to best suit your aesthetic goals. Whichever incisions are right to correct your breast sagging, Dr. Brown will perform your procedure in a way that makes the scars from your incisions as minimal as possible.

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