3 Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Breasts Before a Mastectomy

by | Sep 2, 2015

3 Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Breasts Before a Mastectomy

Perhaps there is nothing more emotionally trying for a woman than learning that the cost of the breast cancer she has will cost her her breasts. Knowing that this distinctive and defining part of her body will be removed forever can be completely overwhelming. Many women have shared that the emotions they feel when facing mastectomy range from depression and sadness to joy and a sense of freedom knowing that this is a step in ridding her body of cancer.

Because there is so much feeling and emotion that accompanies a mastectomy, some women have found that finding a way to say goodbye to their breasts helps them cope with the situation better. Here are a few ideas of how to say goodbye to your breasts:

1. Throw a Party

As weird as it might seem to celebrate just before a moment of significant loss, some women have found it very empowering to have a send off party for their breasts. Rather than dwelling on the negative aspect of losing your breasts, this can be a defining moment that allows you to feel strength and courage for taking the future of your health into your own hands. A party for your breasts really turns into a celebration of you as a person, your life and your determination to defeat cancer.

2. Write a Letter

Another way of saying goodbye to your breasts is to write them a letter. This allows you to document and record the many feelings you may be having. It’s incredible how emotionally liberating it can be to write your thoughts and feelings down. Write down memories you have your breasts, from the development stage to the first time you used them to feed your child. Experts in psychiatry say that being able to write a goodbye letter to breasts has an overall positive impact on your ability to handle the emotions of losing them to a mastectomy.

Here is a sample goodbye letter if you need some ideas: http://www.edeneatseverything.com/i-goodbye-letter-to-my-boobs/

3. Boudoir Photo Shoot

A sexy photo shoot of you showing off your breasts and body is a great way to celebrate yourself while capturing a final memory with your breasts. Many women find that a boudoir photo shoot is something every woman should do regardless of their breast cancer gene. It helps to instill confidence and self-esteem in a moment of despair.

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