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Nipple Surgery

Nipple Reduction Surgery

Nipple Surgery Overview

The nipple and areola make up one of the most cosmetic aspects of the breast. These areas can cause unhappiness or embarrassment to the patient with concerns regarding excessively large areolas, inverted nipples and nipples that appear puffy. Dr. Brown, in a relative minor surgery or in conjunction with breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lift surgery can easily correct these problems with the nipples.

Inverted nipples can be corrected as its own surgery or in conjunction with breast augmentation surgery. Inverted (inward pointing) nipples are actually fairly common. This problem occurs in as many as 2% of women, affecting one or both sides. Inverted nipples can result from a narrow nipple base, excessively short milk ducts or by scarring of the milk ducts (after a milk duct infection, for example). There are various degrees of nipple inversion, graded by severity. In the mildest form, nipples tend to invert when stimulated by cold or touch, but are usually in the normal position. In the moderate form, the nipples are usually inverted, but can be pushed out with manual pressure. In the severe form, no amount of squeezing can correct the inversion. Breast-feeding can be a problem with the moderate to severe cases, and many women feel very self-conscious of their inverted nipples regardless of the severity.

While areolas come in all shapes and sizes, some women are concerned with too large areolas, possible associated with too large of breasts. The problem can be corrected by its own surgery or possible be combined with breast reduction surgery.

Puffy nipples appear when the skin of the areola is not as thick as the surrounding skin, and the underlying breast tissue can push through, causing a mound under the areola. Again, this is a procedure that Dr. Brown can fix combined with breast surgery or as its’ own procedure.

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