5 Surgeries Our Patients 50 and Above Love Most

by | Nov 7, 2014

5 Surgeries Our Patients 50 and Above Love Most

As you go through life laughing, smiling, crying, squinting, drinking, eating… the list goes on an on…your face and body begin to show the signs of aging from wrinkles to droopy skin. That’s why Dr. Richard J. Brown offers procedures that can help reduce the signs of aging, giving you back your spark.

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We have a small list of surgeries that have proven to be the most popular amongst our older patients throughout the years. Each of them targets a problem area that we’ve noticed men and women tend to focus on in their years after 50.

  • Facelift – This will focus on the loose skin of the forehead, cheek area and jowls.
  • Necklift – A necklift procedure can be combined with a facelift procedure to address the lower part of the face and neck, where skin can lose its elasticity.
  • Browlift – Like the necklift and the facelift, it will tighten a portion of your face. Brow lifts address wrinkles on the forehead and the sagging brow, restoring a brightness and awakened look to the face.
  • Breast Surgery – This can include breast implant replacement if the patient has already had breast augmentation and also include a breast lift, one of the most popular surgeries for women over 50. It will bring  fullness and youthfulness back to your breasts, taking years off of your chest area, a place that tends to show our age.
  • Tummy Tuck – Whether you’ve had children in your younger years or not, the skin on the stomach can begin to sag and show age. This can be from yo-yo dieting or simply because with age, all of our skin will lose elasticity. With a tummy tuck, you’ll have your figure back so you can rock all the latest styles with confidence!

As with all plastic surgeries, we recommend sitting down for a consultation with Dr. Brown so you can discuss what it is you’re looking for out of your procedure. While Dr. Brown can’t turn back time, he can help you find confidence in your older age, by recommending procedures to restore volume and youthfulness to the body and face.Sun City and Scottsdale have become Dr. Brown’s home for helping men and women rediscover their love for their own bodies again.

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To schedule your consultation, please call our Sun City or Scottsdale plastic surgery office at ​480-568-3804 to discuss how to regain your youthful appearance with the help of Dr. Brown.