5 Ways a Mommy Makeover Will Boost Your Confidence

by | Jun 26, 2015

5 Ways a Mommy Makeover Will Boost Your ConfidenceThe process of pregnancy and childbirth can definitely take its toll on a woman’s body, including the nurturing and feeding of the baby once it’s born. During this time, a woman’s body goes through some significant changes. Their hips become wider to allow the passage of the baby through the birth canal and the abdomen skin and muscles stretch and grow to make room for the growing baby.

So it’s no wonder that once women are done having children, many of them are anxious to work on getting their bodies back to the way they were before they had children. One way to help them achieve this is through the Mommy Makeover offered by Dr. Richard J. Brown.

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A Mommy Makeover is basically a group of procedures such as breast surgery, tummy tuck surgery and liposuction tailored for each patient based on their unique body type and their desired aesthetic goals. It can help restore a woman’s body to its pre-pregnancy state and boost a woman’s self-esteem. Depending on what procedures are involved, here are 5 ways a Mommy Makeover will boost your confidence:

Wear Your Favorite Clothes Again

With all of the many changes in the body that take place during pregnancy, many women aren’t able or comfortable wearing the clothes they used to wear before they were pregnant. A Mommy Makeover can help you get back into your favorite clothes again and give you your confidence back.

Get Back Into a Swimsuit

Some women absolutely cringe at the thought of wearing a swimsuit after having kids. They are afraid of the way the way their body would appear. Many Mommy Makeovers include both breast augmentation and tummy tucks, which help to give your breasts a fuller and youthful appearance while making your stomach look tight and toned. This allows you to confidently wear your swimsuit again in public knowing that you are turning heads for all the right reasons!

Feel and Look Sexy

Women often feel less attractive and sexy after having children. This could be the combination of both the body changes they’ve experienced and the hormones that are released during pregnancy. You can get back that confidence in your appearance through a Mommy Makeover. A breast lift, facelift and skin dermabrasion help you feel younger and more attractive to your significant other.

Focus on You

One of the most important ways a Mommy Makeover can boost your confidence is that it puts the focus on you. When you’re having children, much of your time and attention has to be focused on your children.  Treating yourself to a Mommy Makeover is just the thing to give you a boost in your self esteem and gain your confidence back!

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