Aging Gracefully

by | Jul 1, 2013

Aging GracefullyThat sounds nice, right? We just wrapped up a series of talks in Scottsdale regarding what happens to our bodies on the outside, as well as on the inside as we age. Our very educational talks with our panel of experts focused on skin and spine health, putting the right foods into our bodies that can nourish and fortify us and how we can push off inevitable changes that occur in our skin and our muscles as we age.

Regular exercise, a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and protein and regular check ups with your healthcare providers are the norm. And everyone knows that good skin health starts with sunblock, right? Meaning at least 30 SPF everyday on your face, on your hands, on your neck, EVERYWHERE.

But what about your skincare regimen? When was the last time your skin care regimen had a check up?

As we age, it is so important to moisturize, protect against the sun and to add retinoid to your routine. Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives that work to speed cell turnover, unclog pores and boost collagen, creating brighter, smoother and healthier skin. Something that only helps your skin’s appearance. You should not start a retinoid however without consulting your physician as it can have negative effects on women who are pregnant.

Make sure you know what products you are using and what ingredients are in your products. Want some help? Bring your beauty bag in for a consult. Our nurse, Laura Gregg would love to help you figure out a great skin care routine for beautiful skin that will be long lasting if you are willing to invest in yourself.