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Can Breast Implants Pop?

At the Scottsdale offices of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard J. Brown, patients often come to us for breast enhancement surgery using breast implants. During initial consultations, we repeatedly hear the same question -- “Can breast implants pop?”
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Decrease the Healing Time

5 Ways to Decrease the Healing Time of Your Plastic Surgery

At the offices of board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard J. Brown, we want nothing more than for patients to recover as quickly as possible. Most plastic surgeries take months to completely heal, though in most cases patients can resume normal activity within six weeks of surgery. However, there are a few ways for you to decrease the healing time of your surgery.
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Skin Cancer Restoration

We Can Help You With Skin Cancer Restoration

Summers in Arizona are not the healthiest time for our skin. Repeated exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can cause weathering, lines, and eventually skin cancer. Often this requires minor skin cancer restoration surgery to improve.
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3 Common Myths About BOTOX

How Much Botox Can I Get?

BOTOX® treatments can be a wonderful way soften your facial features and restore a more youthful appearance. This is an increasingly popular treatment that leaves patients thrilled with their results. Related: 7 Ways Botox Can Improve Your Life Patients who are considering having a BOTOX® treatment often ask Dr. Richard J. Brown, “How much Botox can I get?” The short answer is, it depends. Read on for more.
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What Medications To Avoid Before a Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery can be a wonderful way to enhance your appearance and boost your self image. But as with any surgery, there are risks involved, and certain medications to avoid and prevent complications. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard J. Brown consults with each patient before surgery to create a list of allowable medications, but certain drugs will almost always need to be avoided.
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Breast Implant Recovery Time

Many women find that having a breast augmentation is a wonderful way to enhance their figure and improve their self esteem. It’s one of the more popular surgeries performed by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard J. Brown at his practice in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is generally a safe and simple procedure. Dr. Brown’s patients who are considering getting breast implants are often anxious to know when they can resume normal activity levels. Recovery times vary slightly for each patient, but each stage of recovery usually falls in the same general time frame.
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Nose Surgery Myths & Truths

Here at the offices of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard J. Brown, we often see patients who are considering having a nose surgery, or rhinoplasty. We have noticed a few common misconceptions about rhinoplasty throughout our years of working with patients, and though it is important to be aware of risks and complications that may arise from a surgery, it is just as important to understand which common beliefs surrounding nose reshaping are truths and which are myths.
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Why it’s Important to Tell Your Plastic Surgeon About Health Issues

Cosmetic surgery can be a wonderful way to improve and enhance your self image, but as with any surgery, there are risks involved. Some conditions could make it harder for your body to recover after surgery, while certain medications could interfere with healing and pain management. Dr. Richard J. Brown will always consult with his patients to determine whether they are a candidate for plastic surgery, and it is important to be open and honest about any health issues you may have at that time. Hematoma, or excess bleeding, is always a risk during surgery. Blood thinners, medications that contain aspirin, or other anticoagulants could all increase health risks associated with bleeding, and must be discontinued at least two weeks before undergoing surgery. Even some vitamins and herbal supplements could increase your risk of bleeding. Be sure to discuss any conditions and medications with Dr. Brown before deciding on a surgery.
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Can I Get a Mommy Makeover Twice?

The physical stresses of pregnancy and childbirth can drastically change the appearance of a woman’s body. Though no mother will argue that having children is one of the best experiences of their life, the toll that those physical changes can have on a woman’s self image can be major and lasting.
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