breast augmentation & pregnancy

Many of our Phoenix area patients want to know how their breast augmentation will affect or be affected by pregnancy. In planning for your breast augmentation it is good to consider the timing of pregnancy, and the effect it will have on your breasts to make sure you make the right decision about when to have your breast augmentation.


If you are not planning on having children soon, it may be the perfect time for your breast augmentation. Many of our patients are young, fit women who desire extra volume to give them the exact breast shape they desire. You can enjoy the benefits of breast augmentation for many years before you start your family.

If you are planning to start a family soon, you may want to consider the effects breast augmentation may have on your overall result. During pregnancy, your body goes through many changes, including enlargement of breast tissue as well as stretching of breast skin.

Some women who elect to have breast augmentation prior to pregnancy have no evidence of shape change after pregnancy, while other women may have changes in the shape of their breasts requiring additional reshaping procedures. It is not possible to predict how a patient’s breasts will change with pregnancy because everyone has different tissue quality that reacts in different ways.


Many women have concerns about the effects of breast augmentation on breastfeeding, but there is little need to worry. Most women with breast implants breastfeed their babies without any problems regarding milk production volume.


Waiting until after pregnancy for your breast augmentation means that you can take advantage of our mommy makeover and restore your body close to its pre-pregnancy form. Your breasts and abdomen will undergo changes such as sagging of the skin and loosening of the muscles, and you may desire rejuvenation of many areas.

With a mommy makeover, we can combine procedures such as liposuction, tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty), and breast lift (Mastopexy) or augmentation to give you a post-pregnancy body as close to your pre-pregnancy state as possible.

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