Can Bigger Breasts Hurt Your Back?

by | Mar 20, 2015

Can Bigger Breasts Hurt Your Back?

The idea that large breasts can cause back pain in women has been around for quite a while now. In some ways, it makes very logical sense that the weight of the breasts pulling down in the front could put extra pressure on the back causing pain. This would be especially true if the woman was of very small stature, but had very large breasts for her size. In this case, the weight of the breasts would almost assuredly cause stress and pressure in the back that could lead to pain.

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For the most part, doctors agree that large breasts alone do not cause back pain, although they may be contributing to another cause. When a human back is healthy and normal, it is strong enough to support even the largest of chests throughout the years. Besides large breasts, more common reasons for back pain include the following:

  •      Obesity
  •      Pregnancy
  •      Poor posture
  •      Injury
  •      Irritation of spinal nerves
  •      Weakening of the spine

These are far more likely reasons for back pain, although large breasts could definitely exacerbate the situation. For example, a woman with poor posture would have a much more difficult time managing the issue if she had large breasts. Large breasts would definitely contribute to the bad posture, but they would not necessarily cause back pain on their own.

This is important for women who are considering any type of breast augmentation to think about. Some women are concerned that if they have a breast enhancement, it could lead to long-term back problems down the road. Other women who have dealt with above average breasts for much of their lives feel they need a breast reduction surgery to relieve themselves of back pain.

In both situations, it is important for women to consider other factors that could lead to back pain. Going back to the example of poor posture, if a woman suffers from chronic poor posture and is looking to have breast implants, she may want to consider how her bigger breasts will affect her posture. As for the woman who is looking to have a reduction, she should consider other factors that might be leading to back pain so as not to be disappointed if her back pain does not suddenly disappear after her surgery.

No matter what type of breast enhancement surgery you may be considering, it is always best to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced doctor such as Dr. Richard J. Brown. If you are specifically worried about back pain, he will be able to discuss options with you to help you understand what the long-term effects will be.

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