Chemical peels can be used to treat very fine wrinkles, mild to moderate sun damage and other minor skin blemishes. Chemical peels are used to resurface the face and neck skin, however they cannot effectively address deep wrinkles or excess sagging skin. Peels work best when used in conjunction with other facial procedures.

How do chemical peels work? – Chemical peels help remove the outer layers of the skin. After the older, damaged wrinkled skin peels off, the remaining deeper dermis then regenerates. The result is a smoother, younger looking appearance to the skin.

Is the peel performed in the office? – Dr. Brown will discuss your options with you regarding chemical peels, as they can be performed in the offices or in the operating room, depending on the procedure.

How painful is a chemical peel? – While you don’t need injection anesthesia during a chemical peel, Dr. Brown will apply a topical numbing medicine. There is only a small amount of discomfort associated with the peel, which the topical anesthetic addresses.


How long does it take to work and how long does it last? – While you will see the immediate effects of the treatment, it takes approximately 2 weeks for the outer layers of the skin to peel completely and the redness to fade. The results can last for many years if you are careful to stay out of the sun, wear sunscreen, use a good skin moisturizer, and avoid smoking.

Will I need to take medication before the procedure? – Yes, you will be prescribed and antibiotic and an antiviral medication two days prior to the procedure. You will be expected to continue taking the medications after the procedure for about one week. These medications are used to protect you from infections.


Will I look like a different person? – A chemical peel will not change your physical appearance, but will give your skin a more youthful and healthier appearance.

What do I have to do after the chemical peel? – It is important to keep your face clean after a chemical peel by washing it with a gentle cleanser. When the skin is clean and dry, you will need to apply moisturizers, which Dr. Brown will recommend. It is very important to avoid direct sun exposure to the face for several weeks following the peel.

What if I have a problem? When should I call the office? – We always welcome calls from patients. If you have any concerns at any time, please feel free to contact our office. If it is an emergency, the answering service is available 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays.