Correcting Breast Asymmetry with Breast Augmentation

by | Dec 26, 2013

Correcting Breast Asymmetry with Breast AugmentationIt is very common for a woman’s breasts to be slightly different sizes or shapes. However when the difference is too great, it can leave you feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable in certain clothes or swimsuits. If you are living with embarrassing breast asymmetry in the Scottsdale area, you may want to consider breast augmentation to correct your asymmetry.

During your consultation with Dr. Richard Brown, you will discuss what makes you feel uncomfortable about your current breasts and what results you would like to achieve through the breast augmentation procedure. With breast implants, Dr. Brown can improve the size and shape of your breasts so that they are more evenly matched and give you the confidence you deserve in your figure.

A breast lift may also be a good option for you to consider if you are interested in correcting asymmetrical breasts but do not want to increase your breast size. All of your options will be discussed and all of your questions answered when you meet with Dr. Brown. We will help you select the right options to achieve your desired results.

If you are ready to correct your breast asymmetry with breast augmentation, please contact Dr. Richard Brown today at ​480-568-3804 for your Scottsdale breast augmentation consultation. Our offices our conveniently located in Scottsdale and Sun City.