Aging and genetics impact each person differently. Due to this, no single facelift technique will be right for every patient. Board-certified Scottsdale plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Brown will work with you on an individual basis, making sure to provide you with the type of facelift best suited to address your unique concerns.

Traditional Facelift

A traditional facelift concentrates on the cheeks, jowls, and neck. With this technique, Dr. Brown will typically make an incision that starts at the hairline above the ear and extends around the ear, curving back into or around the hairline behind the ear.

Through these incisions, Dr. Brown can lift underlying tissue and muscle and firm your skin to take up to ten years off of your appearance.

Short Scar Facelift

A short scar facelift will concentrate on the cheeks and jowls, but not the neck. This technique may be used to reduce skin laxity alone, but can also be used to lift some underlying tissue. The incision in a short scar facelift is typically made in front of the ear, extending around the earlobe and slightly behind the ear.

Because the incision used in a short scar facelift is smaller, surgical and recovery time may be reduced. However, a short scar facelift cannot offer the same dramatic results as a traditional facelift.

The Best Solution for You

Both types of facelifts : traditional and short scar have the potential to take years of your face and provide long-term results. The facelift technique recommended by Dr. Brown will be dependent on the impact aging has had on your skin and underlying muscle, and catered to meet your aesthetic desires. Dr. Brown will be happy to answer your facelift questions and explain all of your options during your initial consultation.

If you live in the areas of Scottsdale or Phoenix, Arizona and are interested in learning more about your facelift options, please contact Richard J. Brown MD, PLLC to schedule an initial consultation today.