You may be a candidate for cheek implants, if you have lost volume in the malar region associated with aging, or if you were born with weak cheeks and desire a fuller, more youthful appearance. Some patients have used temporary soft tissue fillers in the past to achieve full cheeks, and are seeking a long-lasting solution.  Patients undergoing cheek augmentation should be of good health, with a normally functioning immune system.

 Aesthetic cheek surgery can be performed alone, or in combination with other surgical procedures. Multiple shapes and sizes of implants are available to fit your face shape.

 Depending on the areas that are being addressed, the implants can be placed through the mouth with a small incision at the gum line or through a lower eyelid incision if eyelid rejuvenation is being performed at the same time.  The cheek implants can be made of solid silicone or other non-reactive materials (Medpor), depending on your surgeon’s preference and the approach he will use.

Surgically, a pocket is made for the implant directly over the cheek bone, and the implant is placed.  Then, the implant is secured either by designing a well fitting pocket, or affixing it to soft tissue or bone.  The incision is then closed, completing the cheek augmentation.  The whole operation usually takes 60-90 minutes.


If you have a mildly weak chin and normal function of your jaw, chin augmentation with implants could be the right procedure for you.

With chin augmentation, a biocompatible implant is placed over the bone structure of the lower jaw, augmenting the dimensions of your jaw.  Depending on the region augmented, you can lengthen your face or  create a stronger and/or wider chin.


Implants of multiple shapes, sizes and materials are available, and will be chosen depending on the changes desired and the technique utilized.  To perform aesthetic chin surgery, the incision is made and a pocket designed to accommodate the implant directly over the bone along the lower jaw.  Solid silicone implants can be placed through a small incision under the chin.  An incision inside the mouth is utilized when other rigid biocompatible materials (Medpor) are used for chin augmentation. The chin implant is secured in place either by designing a well-fitting pocket, or affixing it to soft tissue or bone.  The incision is then closed, completing the chin augmentation.  The entire operation usually takes 60-90 minutes. Tape is often applied to the skin to assist in holding the implant in place during the normal swelling after surgery.