Fat Transfer

What is a Fat Transfer?

As the name suggests, fat transfer is a plastic surgery technique that takes body fat from areas in which there is an abundance, such as the abdomen, flanks, thighs, lower back, and upper back. The fat is then processed to isolate the very best cells and is then injected into areas such as the face, breasts, buttocks, and even aging hands. Fat transfer is a longer-lasting correction compared to using temporary fillers.

Fat transfer is gaining popularity as techniques for processing the fat have improved its survival. When fat cells regain good blood supply in the area it is injected it can last well over 10 years, while most dermal fillers last 6-12 months.

The Fat Transfer Procedure

Dr. Richard J. Brown will discuss your unique goals and design a personalized surgical plan to transfer fat to the areas you desire for improvement. Fat is harvested from one part of the body and then carefully reinjected into the area desired. Sometimes this can be done under local anesthesia, however larger volume procedures may require general anesthesia. Often times he will use fat transfer in conjunction with other procedures such as a facelift or breast surgery.

Am I A Good Candidate For A Fat Transfer?

If you do not smoke for at least 4 weeks before surgery, and are in good health.
If you have wrinkled and volume depleted areas of the body,such as the buttocks,breasts, lips, cheeks, hands or lips.
If you have undergone prior plastic surgery that needs correction, such as poorly done liposuction.
If you have had breast reconstruction after a mastectomy and want certain areas and enhanced or contour irregularities.
If you have acne scars, skin wrinkles and/or volume depleted areas that would benefit from filling.

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What Results Can I Expect To See From A Fat Transfer?

A more full, plump look to those areas where fat is transferred.
Smoothing of wrinkles and contour irregularities.
Improved self-confidence

How Long Does A Fat Transfer Procedure Take?

The length of the procedure can vary depending on how much transfer is being done. You’ll be asked to stop smoking four weeks prior to the procedure and to avoid taking aspirin and any other anti-inflammatory medications. Sometimes the procedure is performed with sedation anesthesia, but more commonly you will require general anesthesia.

Fat transfer is comprised of three distinct stages:

Harvesting – The patient and the doctor discuss the site for fat removal. Depending on how much fat the patient desires, this stage may be repeated multiple times provided there is enough fat. .

Purification – The collected fat is processed to collect a concentrated, pure sediment of fat cells. The purified fat is then transferred into small syringes, ready to be placed where it is desired.

Placement – A small cannula is used to deliver the fat to the targeted areas in small droplets. Once the desired contour is achieved Dr. Brown will apply dressings and garments if needed.

Fat Transfer Recovery

Dr. Brown will advise you on any drains that may have been placed, symptoms that are likely to be experienced, and what to be aware of. Swelling and bruising occurs during the first week. During the second week, the bruising will subside. By the third week, most of the swelling will subside. Some bruising and swelling might still be visible, and you will be able to apply makeup to hide them.

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*Individual results may vary*