Have No Fear, Undergoing Multiple Surgeries is Safe!

by | Oct 20, 2014

Have No Fear, Undergoing Multiple Surgeries is Safe!

Here at the office of Dr. Richard J. Brown, we like to offer our clients the best of the best. The best surgeon. The best results. The best prices. In order to help our clients save money, we can perform more than one surgery at a time, reducing the cost of anesthesia. The fewer times you have to undergo general anesthesia, the more money you can save, as well as shorten your recovery times.

One popular set of procedures that we perform together is called a mommy makeover. It combines the best procedures for a woman who has become a mother, focusing on the breasts, tummy and other trouble areas.

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We can also offer a set of procedures for patients who are looking to restore their youth. By combining procedures like a facelift and eyelid surgery, Dr. Brown can perform the surgeries at the same time and keep you from having to undergo two separate procedures.

Here’s what you need to know about having multiple procedures:

  • It’s safe to be under anesthesia for 7-8 hours maximum.
  • Dr. Brown will decide how long you can undergo surgery based on your personal health history.

Check out Dr. Brown’s YouTube video to learn more about being under general anesthesia for an extended period of time.

Dr. Brown is one surgeon that won’t rush the process. He will spend as much time as needed to assess your body’s ability to handle multiple surgeries at one time. Dr. Brown will not take risks that could potentially be harmful to a patient to save money. While he would love to give you the best deal possible, your health is the top priority in Dr. Brown’s plastic surgery practice.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Brown at his Sun City or Scottsdale plastic surgery office by calling ​480-568-3804. Together you can create the best plan for your plastic surgery, taking all aspects of your safety into consideration.