Is Breastfeeding Possible After Nipple Reconstruction?

by | Oct 9, 2014

Is Breastfeeding Possible After Nipple Reconstruction?

Breastfeeding is a large part of a lot of new mother’s lives. That’s why we want to discuss breastfeeding after nipple reconstruction. There’s different reasons for undergoing nipple reconstruction so each case is different and will have different results.

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Breastfeeding After Nipple Reconstruction: Following a Mastectomy

Some of our patients want to know if they can breastfeed after nipple reconstruction following a mastectomy. If the natural nipple and areola have been removed due to breast cancer, the patient will not be able to breastfeed after nipple reconstruction. Unfortunately, in this instance, it’s simply not possible for the patient to breastfeed after nipple reconstruction because the underlying structure, including the milk ducts, are no longer intact.

Breastfeeding After Nipple Reconstruction: Nipple Reduction or Areolar Reduction

During these nipple reconstruction procedures, breastfeeding should not be affected. The milk ducts remain intact and milk flow is uninterrupted as long as there were no problems prior to surgery.

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If you are worried about your ability to breastfeed, it’s important to consult your physician or have a consultation with your plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns.

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