Less is More: How to Know When It’s Time For Plastic Surgery

by | Nov 15, 2013

Less is More: How to Know When It’s Time For Plastic SurgeryWe’ve all seen it. That person at Scottsdale Quarter whose face does not quite match her body. The lips seem bigger than any other facial feature. The skin pulled so tight that there is nothing natural looking about the face. There is a major discrepancy between having that “done” look and having a few tweaks, making you look refreshed and rested and oh yeah, a little bit younger.

Facial Aging is a normal part of getting older. Depending on genetics, sun exposure and other factors like smoking, the face will age more quickly or slower than others. Living in beautiful Arizona, where pretty faces are the norm, how do you compete?

“There are many fillers and neurotoxins on the market. These products when used properly can be an excellent non-surgical option to give a more refreshed appearance to the face. The “overdone” look that many patients have is usually because the injector lacks the experience or does not take the time to really assess the face and place the correct amount of product. In my office we take the attitude of “less is more.” We inject only according to the goals and desires of the patient and if it isn’t enough, you can always come back for more. It is hard to remove it once it is placed.”

Fillers and neurotoxins are a good place to start. Over time, those seeking a more youthful appearance might want to consider eyelid surgery, facelift or neck lift surgery, which addresses sagging skin that accompanies growing older.