Male Facelift

Facelift Surgery for Men

Male cosmetic procedures have increased exponentially over the past two years. Men are also concerned about their appearance and often desire a more refreshed appearance. Side effects of aging include wrinkles, sagging skin, and loss of facial volume. While most men want to address the neck there are so many that want to address the face as well. With social media today and people working much later in life men want to look their best. There are subtle differences in the operation for male facelifts and Dr. Brown will ensure to maintain your masculine appearance.

The Male Facelift Procedure

Technically this procedure is the same as a facelift in a female with some specific nuances related to the male appearance. Dr. Brown makes use of the most modern and advanced surgical techniques to deliver exceptional results to any patient that undergoes a facelift surgery. Dr. Brown will be sure to understand your needs in order to develop a treatment plan specifically for you. With this tailored approach, he is able to help you achieve your youthful appearance.

Am I A Good Candidate For A Male Facelift?

If you do not smoke for at least 4 weeks before surgery, and are in good health.
If your face exhibits either moderate or significant signs of aging or sagging.
If sagging skin and facial aging are hindering your self-confidence and affecting your social life and/or career.
If you notice that time, heredity and sun exposure have started to have an adverse effect on your appearance.

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What Results Can I Expect From A Male Facelift?

An aesthetically pleasing and healthier appearance.
Improved self-confidence.
A refreshed appearance that looks youthful without appearing tight or “pulled back”.

Male Facelift Procedure Details

Facelift surgery focuses on facial areas such as the cheeks, jowls, jawline, midface and forehead. To restore youth contour, the deeper facial tissues will be tightened or repositioned. There might also be removal or addition of fat to achieve the desired look.

Today, there are a variety of techniques that can be used to deliver consistent, safe and lasting results. Incisions will be made on the targeted areas and there will be some ‘undermining’ of the skin for re-positioning.

Dr. Brown will then lift and reposition the underlying tissue/muscle using sutures in order to reshape the face. If there is a need to increase face volume fat can be used as a natural filler. At the end, skin is reshaped and sutured closed to reveal your new canvas. If needed, drainage tubes may be inserted, with a padded, supportive dressing usually applied.

What is The Recovery Like?

Recovery time will vary depending on the operation’s level of sophistication. Immediately after the procedure is finished, you will be placed into a compression garment. The dressing will be removed the next day during your visit with Dr. Brown. Oral medications will be prescribed to help with any discomfort and pain. Swelling and bruising will manifest and last for about 2-3 weeks. You will be advised to sit and sleep in a slightly inclined position instead of lying down to reduce swelling during the first week. Avoid using anti-inflammatory medication or aspirin unless Dr. Brown has instructed you otherwise.

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*Individual results may vary*