Men and Plastic Surgery

by | May 5, 2014

Men and Plastic SurgeryIt’s not just the ladies today that want to look their best. Men are getting into the game. Whether it’s to remain competitive in the marketplace, entering the dating pool again or for personal self-confidence, the stakes have risen.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) the number of cosmetic procedures for men has risen 106% between 1997 and 2012. Right now, the most popular procedures for men include liposuction, nose surgery (Rhinoplasty), eyelid surgery and male breast reduction (Gynecomastia).

Traditional liposuction can remove modest amounts of superficial fat that have not responded to diet and exercise. The surgeon is able to target specific areas of the body for contouring, specifically the abdomen, hips, thighs, neck, flank and breast area. For the male that works out, but still has love handles or an extra layer of skin over their abs, this is a great option.

Rhinoplasty surgery or a “nose job” can give a confidence boost for the male that only sees his nose when he looks in the mirror. It is used to correct nasal deformities, either from birth or resulting from an injury. During this surgery, the nasal cartilage and the bones can be manipulated by removing or adding additional cartilage. A good result is not when you notice a huge difference but instead when you don’t notice the nose anymore.

Eyelid surgery can restore the eyelid to a more youthful appearance by removing excess skin and fat around the eye, adding fat to the eye area if needed and or tightening loosened skin. When droopy eyelids make you look tired or older, a simply eyelid surgery can make a huge difference.

We see more and more men in our practice for Gynecomastia surgery. Gynecomastia can range from an enlarged nipple and areola to pronounced breasts with excess skin. During this surgery, excess breast tissue can be removed and the whole breast area can be tightened, using incisions and removal of tissue, plus some liposuction, giving a more youthful and fit look to the chest.

“I see men all the time who inquire about staying young and looking their best,” says Dr. Rick. “In this day and age we are working well into our 60’s and 70’s so looking your best is important. Men also are not afraid anymore to admit that they have had work done. I feel that is one reason why we have seen an upswing in male cosmetic procedures.”

With plastic surgery becoming more mainstream nowadays, it pays to check out your options if you are looking to improve your self-confidence. Make sure you do your research and always see a board certified plastic surgeon.