Is Open or Closed Rhinoplasty Better?

by | Feb 11, 2014

Is Open or Closed Rhinoplasty Better?Open and closed rhinoplasty can be equally effective. One is not inherently better than the other, although one may be more suited to your particular needs and desired results. During your consultation with Phoenix plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Brown, he will recommend the nose surgery that is right for you.

Open rhinoplasty requires incisions both inside and outside your nose. The external incisions will be made on the columella, the skin that separates your nostrils. This procedure allows Dr. Brown full access to the structure of your nose and is often appropriate in more complex cases. You will have a visible scar for the external incision, but it will fade over a few months and become unnoticeable.

Closed rhinoplasty is performed with all incisions made inside your nose so that you will have no outward scarring. This procedure is used for the correction of the tip and nasal hump. It can be used to alleviate breathing problems, but Dr. Brown will discuss its limitations with you during your consultation.

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