Over the Muscle or Under the Muscle Breast Implants?

by | May 24, 2015

Over the Muscle or Under the Muscle Breast Implants?

One of the major decisions a person must make when it comes to breast implants is whether to have over the muscle or under the muscle breast implants – the muscle being the chest muscle that lies just beneath the breast tissue. Where the implant is placed has an impact on the look and shape of the breasts after surgery.  This is why it is an important topic to discuss with your doctor as you plan for your implant procedure.

The Role of the Chest Muscle

When it comes to breast implants, the chest muscles play two important roles:

Provides Soft Tissue Coverage

Breast tissue is important when it comes to breast implants because it helps the breast look as natural as possible after surgery. This is especially true for women who have very little of their own breast tissue. The goal is to avoid breasts that look like they have implants. By placing the implant beneath the muscle, it helps to promote a more natural looking breast. If the implant is placed over the muscle in a woman with very little breast soft tissue, it can result in very “fake” looking breasts.

Shaping the Breast

Chest muscles also help with the look and shape of the upper breast. Natural looking breasts tend to have a bit of a slope in the upper portion of the breast. When implants are placed beneath the muscle, it helps to avoid a rounded upper breast, which looks unnatural. Most board certified plastic surgeons will suggest placing saline implants under the muscle as they are stiffer than silicone implants and need the added pressure to help achieve a more natural look.

The Advantages of Over the Muscle

While it seems that under the muscle breast implants are more popular, it is important to note the advantages to over the muscle implants. For one thing, over the muscle surgeries are much less invasive and less complicated than under the muscle. This not only leads to a quicker surgery, but also a faster recovery time as well.

Another key advantage to over the muscle breast implants is that these implants will not contract as the chest muscles do. When an implant is under the muscle, flexing those muscles causes the implant to flatten slightly or shift to the side. Implants on top of the muscles do not have that same issue.

Rely on Your Doctor

Fortunately, by working with an experienced plastic surgeon, like Dr. Richard J. Brown, you will get the advice and guidance you need to make the best decision on what type of implant to get. Dr. Brown will first spend some time discussing your wants and desires – how you want your breasts to appear and how big. Then he will make suggestions as to the best way to achieve this outcome. For some women, it may be over the muscle and for others, under the muscle will work better.

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