Plastic Surgery: How Young is Too Young?

by | Apr 10, 2023

Deciding at which age plastic surgery is appropriate is a hard line to draw. The reason most surgeons wait to operate on teenagers until they’re 18 is because they simply aren’t old enough to make the decision on their own and because their features and bodies are still maturing

As teenagers go through middle school and high school, their self-esteem is developing. They’re surrounded by criticism that can have an influence on the way they feel about themselves. Part of growing up is learning to love yourself and your body. By performing plastic surgery at an early age, you could take away their ability to do that. Emotional and physical maturity are crucial.

In some cases, plastic surgery may be medically necessary for things such as rhinoplasty to fix a deviated septum, breast reduction for back pain and to help with acne scarring. For aesthetic surgeries, we prefer that the patient wait until they’re older and can make a well informed decision based on what they want and not how the people around them view their body.

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It is important to bring your questions and your parents with you to your consultation if you are under eighteen. Dr. Brown will address all of your concerns at the consultation and recommend the best course of action that you all can agree on. That might mean, the decision to do nothing at this time.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Brown to lean more about his policies at his Sun city and Scottsdale plastic surgery offices, please call ​480-568-3804.