Protecting Your New Scars

by | Jun 5, 2013

Protecting Your New ScarsSummer can be a great time to consider cosmetic surgery because as temperatures rise it becomes a good time to heal while staying out of the heat. You might even have a little vacation time. Perfect! But remember, summer is the time to take extra care of your incisions.

Exposure to sunlight is NOT good for scars during the first year because they can become hyper-pigmented or dark in color. That is why using sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50 during the first year to cover your scars is very important. Even if you are wearing clothing, UV light can penetrate shirts or pants and negatively affect your scars.

Another thing to consider is when it is okay to submerge your incisions under water. In the summer temperatures rise, and we think of getting into the pool or going to the lake. I have my patients wait at least three to four weeks before submerging incisions under the water in a swimming pool or lake. This is provided that you have not had any wound healing complications, which can delay this timeline. Salt and chlorinated water present a different set of risks. If your incisions are not completely healed, contaminates in the water can

It usually takes six weeks for your incisions to regain their maximal strength and one year for scars to fully mature, and that is why we have developed guidelines that limit your activity during the first six weeks after surgery. You took the time, did your research and decided to have plastic surgery for a reason. So make sure you take the time to let your wounds heal properly to insure the best results possible. That pool will still be there, in time for you to show off that new body.lead to wound infection, thus delaying the healing process. You must take care not to submerge your incisions until cleared by your doctor.