Many of our breast augmentation patients are fit and healthy women who enjoy their regular exercise routine. Following your breast augmentation procedure, you should allow yourself time to rest and heal before returning to your normal activities.

When to Resume Exercise After Breast Augmentation

During your consultation, we will review all breast augmentation post-operative instructions and discuss your specific concerns. In general, you should remember these guidelines:

  • The day that you return home, you should take short walks inside your home. This will increase your blood flow and help to stimulate healing in your body.
  • Three weeks after surgery, you may resume light cardio. This may include walking outside or on a treadmill or using a stationary bike.
  • For at least six weeks, avoid strenuous activities. Playing sports, such as tennis or golf, will put unnecessary strain on your body. Dr. Brown will tell you when it is appropriate to return to activities such as yoga, dance, and running.
  • Dr. Brown will give you clearance when appropriate to engage in exercise that requires lifting, pushing, or pulling. This includes heavy house or yard work. Until that time, it is best to refrain from these activities.

Each patient heals at a different rate. Always listen to your body and never do more exercise than you feel comfortable with during the healing process.

Effects of Breast Augmentation on Your Exercise Routine

Once you resume your normal exercise routine, it may take some time to adjust to working out with your new figure. Runners and swimmers will likely notice a difference in balance and buoyancy in the water, but your form will naturally adjust to the subtle difference in your body. After a few sessions, the only difference you will notice is your increased self-confidence.

To learn more about recovering from your Phoenix breast augmentation, please contact Richard J. Brown, MD for your consultation. Our offices are conveniently located in Scottsdale and Sun City, Arizona.