Smoking and Plastic Surgery: A Bad Mix

by | Sep 23, 2014

Smoking and Plastic Surgery: A Bad Mix

It’s no surprise that smoking has harmful effects on the human body. Smoking and plastic surgery is another story. Some surgeons will refuse to operate on adults who have been smoking during the period of time leading up to their surgery.

Smoking and plastic surgery simply don’t mix. There’s quite a few reasons why Dr. Brown prefers you to quit smoking before scheduling your surgery at his plastic surgery office in Scottsdale or Sun City.

Why smoking and plastic surgery don’t mix:

  • The carbon monoxide introduced into your system by smoking takes essential oxygen away from your tissue.
  • Nicotine restricts blood vessels, reducing blood flow to your skin.
  • The general effects of smoking hinder the healing process due to the damaged blood vessels and lack of oxygen in the patient’s tissue.
  • Inadequate blood flow caused by smoking can affect the look of your scars as healing takes longer.

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Dr. brown advises quitting smoking at least 6 weeks prior to your plastic surgery procedure. This will give you the ability to heal as if you were a non-smoker. Our bodies can bounce back quickly and within this time frame of quitting smoking, your body can heal as well as someone who doesn’t smoke. You want to give yourself the best possible chance at a healthy, speedy recovery so you can enjoy the benefits of your plastic surgery procedure.

If you have questions on how to quit, visit Smoke Free’s website where you can get information on quitting, how it’s affecting your body and a ‘Quit Plan’ that can make your journey easier.

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