We Can Help You With Skin Cancer Restoration

by | Oct 12, 2015

We Can Help You With Skin Cancer RestorationSummers in Arizona are not the healthiest time for our skin. Repeated exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can cause weathering, lines, and eventually skin cancer. Often this requires minor skin cancer restoration surgery to improve.

If you’re facing skin cancer removal, you may want to consider an accompanying reconstructive surgery to close the wound left behind. Scottsdale-area plastic surgeon Dr. Richard J. Brown is highly experienced in performing this type of reconstructive surgery and can help you feel and look your best as you begin your new, cancer-free life.

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Dr. Brown usually performs skin cancer restoration surgeries in tandem with a dermatological surgeon, who removes the cancer. Depending on the removal procedure, the surgeries may be performed together or separately — if you have a standard excision via Mohs surgery, the reconstruction will typically be performed right away, or within a few days of the excision.

Often times, Mohs surgery is the preferred method for removing cancer from sensitive areas like those in the head and neck area. This method involves removing very thin layers of skin and examining them under a microscope for evidence of cancer cells. This ensures that only as much skin as necessary is removed, leaving as much tissue as possible for reconstructive surgery.

The other method involves estimating the depth of the cancer and excising it along with a margin of healthy tissue. This margin ensures that doctors remove as much cancerous tissue as possible, but it typically requires removing more tissue than in a Mohs surgery.

When choosing a surgeon for your reconstruction, it is important to pick someone who is board certified in plastic surgery, like Dr. Richard J. Brown. Throughout his years of practice in Arizona he has treated many patients who have had Mohs surgery and is experienced in repairing wounds so that they leave as small a scar as possible.

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To learn more about skin cancer reconstruction or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brown, call ​480-568-3804.