Weight Loss Surgery

What is Weight Loss Surgery?

After dramatic weight loss, an individual may have excessive skin and fat deposits that don’t match the body’s new proportions. Surgery after large volume weight loss is a procedure that helps remove excess skin and some fat left behind. This helps achieve an attractive look and can be done on the face, neck, breasts, extremities and torso.

How Does It Work?

Dr. Brown will evaluate your specific situation to see what surgical techniques are best suited for you. Depending on what your goals are, Dr. Brown will recommend a number of procedures and explain to you what each entails and delivers. Weight loss surgery can involve larger scars since breast, arms, thighs and abdominal skin reduction procedures are most common. Most people are fine with this in exchange for improving their appearance, in fact scarring commonly is the least worry for patients.

Am I A Good Candidate For Weight Loss Surgery?

You are an ideal candidate for post weight reduction surgery if you:

Are at a stable weight and close to your ideal body weight.
Have maximized exercise and fitness and haven’t achieved the desired look.
Have overall good health and your weight has been stable for at least 6 months.
Are in good health with no limiting medical problems.

Consultations Are Available Now

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What Results Can I Expect From A Weight Loss Surgery?

Improved physical appearance and self-esteem.
Removed excess fat and skin.
Clothing that will fit more comfortably.

How Long Does A Typical Procedure Take?

Depending on your goals and the suggested treatment plan, the timeframe can vary greatly depending on the procedure(s) required. Dr. Brown may suggest several procedures such as getting a face, breast, and body procedures to help achieve the desired results in the area desired. If several procedures are required, they’ll likely be performed in stages to allow proper healing from the preceding operation. You can visit other areas of our website for more information targeting desired areas of treatment.

Weight Loss Surgery Recovery

Your recovery time will depend on the procedure(s) you’ll be undergoing. Generally, you can expect dressings, bandages, the use of compression garments and surgical drains as part of general recovery. Dr. Brown will be sure to detail what you can expect in terms of symptoms, what potential complications to look out for and what you can and can’t do during recovery period(s).

You’ll be scheduled for follow-up visits as part of reviewing progress. The first week is usually the most challenging with most procedures, as swelling and bruising is at a maximum. Several medications including pain medication will be prescribed to help make this time period easier for you.

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