What Size Breast Implants Should I Get?

by | Apr 17, 2015

What Size Breast Implants Should I Get?what size breast implantsOf the many important considerations women should take time to think about when it comes to getting breast implants, size is one of the most important. Choosing the right size breast implant will have a major impact in so many areas of a woman’s life after the surgery and healing process is over. For some women, it can be extremely difficult to know what size breast implants to get.

Most women considering a breast implants are unhappy with the size and look of their current breasts. They may feel that their breasts are too small, which limits the size and style of clothing they wear. For a woman who has had small breasts most of her life, very large breasts may at first seem more appealing than anything else. However, it is necessary to think carefully about key areas of your lifestyle before deciding to go too big.

Can the Doctor Make Suggestions Regarding Size?

Yes, absolutely! Dr. Richard J. Brown has consulted with hundreds of women seeking breast implants and carefully takes the time to learn what it is each woman is seeking and why. Often times, by have an in depth conversation with his patients, the doctor can point out some crucial points that the patient had simply overlooked.

Among the many different points to consider, Dr. Brown will discuss the following with his patients:

  •      Future plans for having children
  •      How active his patient is when it comes to sports and working out
  •      What style of clothing the patient would like to see herself in
  •      The psychological preparation needed when your breasts are suddenly more noticeable and looked at more frequently

Some of these ideas are ones that a patient just had not thought of before. For example, when talking about the idea of others noticing and paying more attention to your new large breasts – this might sound great at first, especially to a woman who feels that her breasts are much too small. By talking it through more carefully with Dr. Brown and his staff, a patient can come to have a much better understanding of how that may affect their self-esteem down the road.

Of course, there is nothing preventing a patients to have their implants removed at any time should they become dissatisfied with the size or shape. Some women may decide to go bigger while others will go smaller. Either way, taking the time to talk through your options with an experienced doctor about what size breast implants to get, such as Dr. Brown, can help you avoid multiple surgeries and procedures down the road.

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