What to Expect During a Post-Operative Appointment

by | Aug 24, 2015

What to Expect During a Post-Operative AppointmentOnce your plastic surgery procedure has been completed, there are some specific steps you should take to ensure the best opportunity for healing. These steps include getting enough rest, hydrating, taking medications as prescribed, and refraining from exercise or strenuous activity. Another important step in the healing process is to show up to your post-operative appointments with Dr. Brown and/or his staff.

Generally speaking, your post-operative appointment is a chance for Dr. Brown to take a closer look to ensure you are healing properly. This is also a good chance to make sure you are following your recovery plan correctly and sticking to the instructions that Dr. Brown provided you with prior to surgery.

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Your post surgery appointment will focus on your specific procedure, and will be catered to your recovery plan. Obviously Dr. Brown will be looking at things differently for a rhinoplasty procedure than he or she would for a breast implant surgery. During the post surgery appointment at the office of Dr. Richard J. Brown, he will want to see how your incisions are healing, and assess for bruising and swelling.

Your post operative appointments are typically scheduled prior to your surgery and are included in the overall recovery process. Your first post surgery appointment will take place within 1-7 days after your surgery.

Dr. Brown will take care to assess your overall pain or discomfort, and how well you are adhering to your recovery plan. He will also evaluate your surgical drains if you have them, and your medication record.

Knowing that there is a specific plan in place for monitoring and tracking the recovery from plastic surgery is something that helps give our patients peace of mind. Dr. Brown makes it a priority to stay in close contact with each patient throughout the entire recovery process.

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