When to Consider a Facelift

by | Apr 27, 2015

When to Consider a Facelift

As we get older and gravity begins to play a more prominent role when it comes to the look of our face, many people, both women and men, start to consider a facelift. A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is designed to rejuvenate the face by tightening the deeper structure of the face and removing excess skin, which may be the result of sun exposure or the general aging process. It can address the midface, jowls and neck depending on your particular needs.

Facelifts are more popular now than ever, as surgeons have mastered the procedure leading to amazing results with very little scarring or long-term side effects. The goal of a facelift is to help you look as good as possible, often giving the impression of taking off years of your life.

One of the more common questions we are asked at the offices of Dr. Richard J. Brown is in regards to what age a person should be before considering a facelift. While many people hold off until they are well into their sixties before electing to have a facelift, others, who are much younger, wonder if it is too soon to entertain the idea.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind as you begin to consider a facelift and whether or not it is a good time in your life to move forward with the surgery.

Subtle or Extreme Results

Just twenty years ago, facelifts were often viewed as a very extreme solution for those who were looking to shave 20 years off their age. We’ve all seen pictures in the media of celebrities who seemed to have taken their facelift just a bit too far, resulting in an over-done look. These days, most people seeking a facelift are after a much more subtle look. While a facelift will definitely address the sagging skin around the jawline, cheeks and jowls, it does not always result in the stereotypical stretched look that is often portrayed in magazines.

Non-Surgical Treatments

There are many other treatments available to enhance the look of your skin and face that do not require surgery. These include treatments such as Botox and Juvederm. While these treatments cannot achieve the same results as surgery, they can help to delay the time period before needing a facelift.

Recent trends show that many more people are becoming more aware and conscious of their skin and how important it is to take care of it. For example, more women these days are making it a priority to guard their skin from harmful UV rays from the sun, prolonging the youthful look of their faces.

Highly Individualized

Most facelifts today are combined with other facial procedures such as eyelid surgery to address very specific areas of the face. There are so many different variations of how the facelift can be performed, which has allowed patients to be more selective of which areas of their body they want to focus on. Age tends to play less and less of a role as people realize that their surgeons can zero in on these specific areas.

Deciding when to have a facelift is a very personal choice. When patients who are considering a facelift come in for a consultation with Dr. Richard J. Brown, he makes sure to ask plenty of questions and discuss potential results at length so the patient feels confident and ready once they decide to move forward with the procedure.

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