Where is Your Botox Coming From

by | Mar 19, 2013

Where is Your Botox Coming FromBotox is the new pedicure. You know, the one appointment you book regularly as part of your maintenance beautification ritual. The appointment that goes on your calendar every three months like clockwork and very carefully planned around important functions.

With Botox injections becoming so mainstream, you may be tempted to find the cheapest deal out there. But, is the product you are using approved by the FDA? Everyone nowadays is advertising for fillers and Botox. You can hit the med-spa on the corner for Botox or even your local dentist. You can visit almost any doctor for it. But be careful where that cheaper Botox is coming from.

More than 350 medical practices across the country recently received warning letters about where they were purchasing their Botox.  According to the FDA, “ We are very concerned that products distributed by these suppliers may cause harm to patients, because they may be unsafe or ineffective.”

Make sure you know what is being put into your face. Ask your board certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to see the label, if need be. It should say Botox Cosmetic not just Botox. There is also a vertical hologram across the label that says Allergan.

Why take the risk on a product that can’t hold up to its promise, especially when it’s going into an area on your body seen a bit more often than your toes?

Kati Walker

Patient Care Coordinator