Will Having Nose Surgery Affect My Breathing?

by | Mar 23, 2015

Will Having Nose Surgery Affect My Breathing?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose, a nose reshaping surgery or “Rhinoplasty” may be an option for you. People choose to have nose surgery after an injury that may have caused breathing problems or a change in the cosmetic appearance, or of they are just not satisfied with the general look of their nose.

Some people have concerns about how the reshaping of their nose will affect their breathing after nasal surgery. After  surgery for up to one year, there will be  swelling that will occur  inside  the nose. This often results in some minor trouble breathing early on but quickly resolves within 1-3 months. Most swelling usually resolves within 6 weeks after  surgery, but can last up to one year.

During recovery, you can treat the swelling that may occur with ice or ice packs. This will help relieve inflammation and may help if you are experiencing any problems breathing. As internal swelling resolves the internal space becomes more open and breathing becomes much better.

I have treated many patients with breathing difficulties after nasal surgery by other physicians These situations are very rare and it is important to note that patients are given informed consent about potential breathing issues with nasal surgery. Dr. Richard J. Brown will assess your nose and try to warn you if you have a higher risk of postoperative breathing problems or not.

In some cases, patients have elected to have nose reshaping surgery to help with breathing. Based on how the bones and cartilage in your nose have formed, or if surgical manipulations have altered your anatomy you may be suffering from breathing problems. Surgical correction of your nose can make a huge difference in your ability to breathe.

Dr. Brown offers both open and closed Rhinoplasty procedures. Closed Rhinoplasty is done with incisions made on the inside of the nose to avoid external scarring. This procedure limits how much reshaping of the nose can be done. Open Rhinoplasty uses both internal and external incisions. The external incisions are well hidden to help reduce their appearance after recovery.

As you consider a Rhinoplasty procedure, it is very important that you discuss your options with Dr. Brown. He will listen carefully to your wants and desires and then make a recommendation on the most effective surgery for you.

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