Will My Breasts Still Sag if I Get Implants Over the Muscle?

by | May 15, 2015

Will My Breasts Still Sag if I Get Implants Over the Muscle?

One of the concerns we often hear from patients at the offices of Richard J. Brown is in regards to sagging after breast enhancement surgery. Women are worried about how breast implants will affect sagging in the breasts and want to know the best way to prevent it.

There seems to be quite a bit of debate about whether having the implants over the muscle or under will prevent sagging down the road. While some women and doctors have very strong opinions about which option is best, others are open to either type of implant.

The Role of the Chest Muscle

To understand how a breast implant really works inside your body, it’s important to understand how the chest muscle plays a role. The chest muscle really serves two primary purposes when it comes to breast implants. First, it provides additional soft tissue coverage to help provide a natural look. Secondly, it actually plays a significant role in shaping the upper portion of the breasts.

For women with very little of their own breast tissue, the goal is to place as much tissue as possible over the implant to help with the natural look of the breast to help avoid the appearance of the implant. If implants were placed above the muscle when there is very little tissue, you would definitely see the shape of the implant, which is not the look most women are going for.

The chest muscle also plays a major role in allowing a more natural look in the upper part of the breast. With implants, the goal is to create a sloping effect in the upper portion of the breast rather than an overly round shape. In some cases, placing the implant under the muscle helps to create this slope.

Preventing Sagging

Knowing how the chest muscle plays a role in the appearance of breast implants, let’s go back to avoiding sagging. The truth is, whether implants are placed over or under the muscle, it will have very little to do with sagging. Sagging is commonly caused by weight gain or loss, pregnancy and gravity over time. It’s easiest to remember it this way – it’s the breasts that sag, not the implants.

Another important reminder to point out when it comes to breast implants is that they are not a permanent solution. Most implants have a lifespan of 10-12 years before they will need to be readdressed. If a woman with implants begins to notice sagging in her breasts, she may want to discuss options with her doctor.

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