3 Unexpected Benefits of Breast Augmentation

by | Dec 30, 2015

3 Unexpected Benefits of Breast AugmentationBreast augmentations can do more than just change your body: They can change your life! While the physical changes and benefits brought on by getting breast implants, lifts or reductions are easy to see, what isn’t immediately apparent is the psychological and social benefits of breast augmentation. But studies have shown that there are very real psychological benefits to augmentation surgeries — you won’t just be a new you on the outside.

At the offices of board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard J. Brown, we’ve seen the transformative powers that breast augmentations can have on our patients. If you’re wondering how augmentation can enhance your life, we’ve listed three benefits of breast augmentation that can come from getting this kind of work done. If these benefits sounds like they would enrich and empower your life, contact Dr. Brown for a consultation.

More Confidence

When some people have an augmentation, they do so just to feel better about one specific part of their body. What most don’t realize is that oftentimes by improving one part of ourselves, we can end up feeling a lot better about ourselves as a whole. Not having to worry about one aspect of your body anymore can free you to feel you more integrated and whole.

The very act of wanting to change yourself can be empowering. For centuries, societies as a whole looked down on women who wanted to assert themselves and take control of their bodies and lives. Getting an augmentation is a way of declaring ownership of your body and pursuing your own desires, regardless of what others may think about it. That assertiveness is powerful, and combining that with the physical changes the surgeries bring could dramatically boost your self-esteem.

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Augmentations can also address and help heal body image issues. For women who have underdeveloped breasts (a condition called micromastia), or women with asymmetrical breasts where one breast may be shaped or sized differently than the other, augmentations can help them feel more comfortable with their bodies. With the right augmentations done, these body image issues can be dealt with and in many cases overcome.

An increased sense of confidence and attractiveness can have a lot of day to day benefits in your life. For one thing, confidence is a sexy quality, and by feeling better about yourself you’ll look even better than you already do. A confident you is a better you in all your relationships.

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The most important benefit of gaining more confidence in yourself is that it can improve your health. Studies have shown that there is a correlation between low self-esteem and poor health. By feeling better about yourself, you’re creating a more stable and high functioning self.

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Improved Sex Life

A survey by RealSelf.com found a link between augmentation surgery and a better sex life. 61% of those surveyed had sex more frequently after surgery, and 70% reported having more satisfaction. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, women with more confidence may experience an enhanced sexual experience.

Another study by the University of Florida found that women’s sexual satisfaction was directly correlated to having had breast augmentation surgery. Researchers studied 84 women from ages 21 to 57 and measured sexual desire, arousal, and satisfaction both before and after breast augmentation surgery. After the procedure, the group’s average desire rating increased 78.6 percent, arousal rose 81 percent, and sexual satisfaction rose 57 percent.

This can be due to a variety of reasons. After the procedure women can feel more confident and attractive, which can translate to more confidence and self-assertiveness in the bedroom. Their partners may also find them more attractive and desirable after the surgery. Women with body image issues who may have felt uncomfortable with their breasts in the past could now feel more comfortable, which can enhance their experience and satisfaction.

Fashion Forward

Breast augmentation doesn’t just expand your bust size: It can also expand your wardrobe!

Enhancing your figure through augmentation can help you look great in fashions you didn’t feel comfortable wearing before. You can look like you were born to wear form-fitting clothes and V-necklines. The added physical volume up top can help your clothes fit better too.

Implants and lifts can help make your body look more proportional. Women who have larger hips and smaller breasts often feel that their body looks unbalanced or bottom-heavy. An augmentation to create a larger bust size will help you to look more balanced and symmetrical.

Having the freedom to wear whatever you want and look great in it bolsters the other benefits of breast augmentation. The confidence boost you can get from the process will be increased by feeling good about the clothes you wear, and that enhanced confidence and assertiveness can do wonders for your sex life by making you feel more attractive and in control of your body.

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Want To Know More Benefits Of Breast Augmentation?

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