4 Ways to Prepare for Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

by | Aug 4, 2014

4 Ways to Prepare for Your Plastic Surgery ConsultationPlastic surgery consultations are one of the most important pieces of the plastic surgery puzzle. Having complete confidence in your surgeon and the procedure are just as important as your recovery. There are some things that you can do to make the consultation as efficient, informative and beneficial to you as possible.

1. Prepare your paperwork.

If you’re new to our office, having your new patient forms filled out prior to our meeting will ensure that the hour we spend is geared towards answering your questions and going over the procedure.

2. Bring a list of questions.

Having questions prepared will give you and Dr. Brown plenty of time to address your questions and concerns during your plastic surgery consultation. Dr. Brown, along with the help of the office staff, has cultivated a huge amount of information based on what patients like to know. As you make your way around our website, you will find the answers to many of your questions. It may also lead you to more questions you may not have thought of. Write those down and bring them with you to your consultation.

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3. Have your surgery payment secured.

There are many options when it comes to paying for elective surgery including:

The cost of your surgery will include:

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Implant cost (if applicable)
  • Facility fee

The sooner your payment is confirmed, the sooner we can schedule your procedure appointment.

4. Additional (optional) things to bring.

If you’re having a breast implant revision or exchange, please bring your existing implant information. The more Dr. Brown knows, the better. This information will include the manufacturer, size and style of your implant. Having this information during your plastic surgery consultation will help Dr. Brown have all the information he needs to give you proper recommendations for your new surgery.

Patients also find it helpful to bring pictures for Rhinoplasty and breast augmentation procedures. This can eliminate any miscommunication when discussing your desired result. It also helps Dr. Brown give you an informed opinion on whether the expectations are realistic and a good fit for your personal features. At our office, it’s all about collaboration between patient and doctor to make sure everyone is happy and confident in the procedure.