I have many patients who are interested in breast augmentation surgery. Understandably, many of them are concerned about the procedure because they are not-so-interested in artificial-looking results. The good news is that I make natural-looking breast augmentation results a top priority in my office. Here’s how.

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1. Choose the right implant.

When you come to Brown Plastic Surgery, we spend a lot of time discussing your goals and looking at photos so that I’m clear about exactly the look you have in mind. The implant we select can make all the difference in creating the kind of natural-looking results you want from your breast augmentation surgery. For example, teardrop-shaped implants can provide for a more natural shape, as they mimic the curve of a woman’s breast. Silicone implants could be ideal for women who want a more natural feel from their results. You can count on me to help you choose the right implant for your unique goals.

2. Be explicit with your plastic surgeon.

If you want natural-looking results, it’s important to be as explicit as possible during your consultation with me. Your consultation provides an opportunity for you to chat about your goals, as well as share any concerns you might have about looking too “done.” Don’t feel bad about speaking up, as my goal is to leave you with the beautiful, natural-looking results you desire.  

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3. Look for portfolio examples.

I encourage all of my patients to create vision boards: collections of “wish photos” that help us visualize your ideal results. If you have a clear understanding of what you want but are having a hard time verbalizing it, you may want to look for examples of breasts that are close to what you want. This can help contextualize your conversation with me. It can really help me out if you don’t know how to describe what you’re looking for. 

4. Be open to feedback.

It’s important to take the lead during your consultation by telling me what you’re looking for. However, it’s crucial that you remain open to hearing my feedback. I have been performing breast augmentation for years and have suggestions on how you can achieve a more natural-looking breast augmentation results.

5. Choose the right surgeon. 

Do your research and don’t just choose the first surgeon you find for breast augmentation surgery. Building a relationship with your surgeon is vitally important because you are entrusting them not only with your appearance but with your life. With any kind of breast implant surgery, chances are you’ll need a touch-up at some point in the future as well. Opt for someone like me who has a track record of creating beautiful breasts that look incredibly natural. I have the meticulous eye for detail that is required to achieve natural-looking breast augmentation results and I truly care about the health and well being of all my patients.

After contemplating breast augmentation for 8 years I finally went for it. After my first consultation with Dr. Brown I knew I had chosen a great PS. He took his time during my consultation to listen to my expectations and concerns. After going over everything he helped me make the decision on the implant shape and size that would best fit my body and ideal outcome. I am now 6 weeks post op and everything is going great. I am so so so so happy with my results. Dr. Brown and his staff have been so wonderful through out this entire experience and I highly recommend. Thanks Dr. Brown!!!

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