Are There Ways to Improve the Look of My Hands?

Aging can take a toll on our hands. Fortunately, there are ways we can restore their youthfulness. Here at Brown Plastic Surgery, I offer a unique hand rejuvenation treatment that can help take years off the appearance of your hands. Keep reading to learn more about how hand rejuvenation works.

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What Happens to the Hands As We Age?

As we age, our hands appear older because the production of collagen slows. Our skin often becomes thinner and reveals underlying tendons and veins. Repeated motion leads to wrinkling, and everyday sun exposure causes pigmentation.

How Hand Rejuvenation Works

To perform hand rejuvenation, I use Restylane Lyft, a filler made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in your body. The hyaluronic acid will add volume into your skin by delivering nutrients and keeping it hydrated. It’s kind of like a sponge because it soaks up and absorbs water and in turn creates volume in the skin of your hands. I like to think of hyaluronic acid as a natural moisturizer in your body.

Restylane Lyft is FDA approved to rejuvenate the hands. During the procedure, I will numb your hands and inject the filler. Since hand rejuvenation only takes about 15 minutes, you can receive it during your lunch break and resume work and your daily activities right away.

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You’ll be left with instant, younger-looking hands without any anesthesia or downtime. Your final results will become apparent over time as the filler settles into your hands. In most cases, results last for up to six months.

Good Candidates for Hand Rejuvenation

You may benefit from hand rejuvenation if you are concerned about the wrinkles on your hands. Hand rejuvenation may also be a good option if your hands have lost volume and now appear bony. This procedure may make sense as well if you have noticeable tendons and veins along the top of your hands. If you’ve been focused on anti-aging on your face and want to ensure your hands match your youthful complexion, I highly recommend hand rejuvenation.

am very pleased with my recent surgery with Dr. Brown. I felt I was in good hands, and it was explained in detail what he was going to do. He and his staff are very caring and helpful. I feel like a new person.
Thank you, Dr. Brown and staff.

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You’ve worked hard keeping your face looking young and beautiful so don’t let your hands give away your age! If you have further questions about hand rejuvenation, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with ​Dr. Brown of Brown Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale, Arizona​ today. Call us at ​​480-568-3804 ​or fill out our convenient ​online contact form​.