Breast Health before and After Implants

by | May 9, 2013

Breast Health before and After ImplantsPhoenix breast surgeon Dr. Richard Brown believes that your health is of the highest importance both before and after breast augmentation. While there is no evidence linking breast implants to serious medical problems, there are some things you will want to keep in mind when considering your breast implant options.

The placement of your breast implants will not impact your health, but can play a role in altering breastfeeding and mammograms. Implants placed above the muscles in your chest are more likely to compress milk ducts, making breastfeeding more difficult, and they can also necessitate more advanced diagnostics for breast mass evaluation.

Breast Implants and Mammograms

If you have breast implants, it is best if you work with a doctor who knows how to properly screen for cancer in women who have had breast enhancement. While implants placed underneath the chest muscles are less likely to interfere with mammograms, your doctor may wish to use additional diagnostic exams to help improve evaluating the breast tissue.

Breast implants will neither increase nor reduce your risk for breast cancer. However, choosing a doctor who can properly screen for the disease is essential once you have implants placed. Dr. Brown would be happy to provide you with the names of doctors who specialize in breast implant mammograms.

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