Browlifts: Your Alternative to a Full Facelift

by | Oct 3, 2014

Browlifts: Your Alternative to a Full FaceliftThere comes a time in every person’s life, man or woman, when age begins to show. While we are all for wearing your wrinkles with pride, there are alternatives to combat the aging process, if desired.  As a plastic surgeon in Sun City, Dr. Brown will thoroughly discuss your aesthetic concerns before recommending surgery. If you’re a person who wants to restore your youthful look with a browlift or facelift, the office of Richard J. Brown, Sun City and Scottsdale plastic surgeon is the perfect place to explore your options.

Deciding between the two can be difficult if you don’t know exactly what each procedure addresses. Here’s some of the specifics.

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  • Addresses only the skin above the eyebrows (skin that can make someone look tired)
  • Tightens the superficial skin
  • Browlift incisions are across the scalp or hidden in the hairline


  • Addresses all problem areas including loose skin in the midface area, the jowls and the neck
  • Tightens superficial skin along with deeper facial structures
  • Removes excess skin
  • Incisions are in front of or behind the ear

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The best decision you can make when you’re ready to visit the fountain of youth of browlifts and facelifts, is to spend time with your plastic surgeon. Dr. Brown takes time and care to discuss every aspect of his surgeries with his patients. He can also offer invaluable expert advice so you can feel confident that you have chosen the best procedure for the results you desire.

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If you have further questions about browlifts or facelifts, call at ​480-568-3804 our plastic surgery office in Sun City or Scottsdale to schedule your consultation with Dr. Brown.