Should I Use Fat Grafting or Have Breast Implants?

by | Aug 17, 2015

Should I Use Fat Grafting or Have Breast Implants?For many women, looking their best and feeling confident with their appearance goes hand in hand with how they feel about their breasts. This is why breast augmentations and breast enlargements are so popular in today’s society.

It’s not always simple to decide exactly what to do to your breasts that will help you feel confident in the way they appear. Women with small breasts might think that an enlargement is what they really want, but are sometimes just as happy with a procedure that fills their breasts out.

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This leads to a common question that we hear from many women here at the offices of Dr. Richard J. Brown, which is whether or not to use fat grafting or have breast implants. Let’s start by looking at the difference between the two.

Fat Grafting

Fat transfer breast augmentation is essentially taking fat from other parts of your body and injecting it into your breasts. This is typically done through liposuction in either the abdomen or back. Most women who choose to have fat grafting instead of a breast implant are looking for a relatively small increase in breast size and prefer the more natural result.

We often use this procedure when working to reconstruct breasts for someone who has had a mastectomy as a result of breast cancer. It is also an option for a woman who are having a Mommy-Makeover where the fat that would normally be taken during a tummy-tuck is then used to fill out breasts. The important thing to remember is that, while this option can definitely help with the appearance of breasts, it will not significantly increase their size.

Breast Implants

Implants are typically chosen over fat grafting by women who are looking for more full breasts. Implants are made from either saline or silicone and can be placed either over or under the breast tissue depending on the desired outcome of the patient.

It is important to note that breast implants are also an option for a woman who has had a mastectomy and is looking to either restore their breasts to the size they were before or for larger breasts. However, this usually requires multiple stages.

Is Fat Grafting or Breast Implants Right For You?

The basic question to ask yourself when choosing between fat grafting and breast implants is whether or not you want your breasts to be bigger. Dr. Brown will spend time discussing options with you so that you feel completely confident with whatever you decide. He and his staff will listen to what you want and then make suggestions.

The first step is a consultation with Dr. Brown, which can be scheduled by giving us a call at ​480-568-3804.