Top 3 Surgeries for Men or Women Who Have Lost Weight

by | Sep 2, 2015

Top 3 Surgeries for Men or Women Who Have Lost WeightThose who have lost a significant amount of weight, like 100 pounds or more, can tell you that your body doesn’t automatically look great in a swimsuit. Even though losing that much weight is a huge accomplishment, there are other physical challenges to deal with now, including what to do with the excess skin that is sure to be present.

The good news is, there are surgeries available to both men and women that can make a major difference in the appearance of your body after you have lost weight. Here are the 3 most popular of those surgeries:

1. Body Lift – For Men and Women

One of the most common procedures that can help to improve the appearance of a person’s body after weight loss is the Body Lift. This procedure involves an incision along the abdomen that allows a surgeon to remove excess or sagging skin. At the same time, the surgeon will make an incision on the lower back to lift and tighten the buttocks, waist, hips, thighs. Some may even choose to have an arm lift done as well.

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Many people who elect to have a body lift will also have some liposuction performed at the same time to remove fat and improve body contour. They might also choose to have a butt lift or buttock augmentation at the same time to improve the contour of buttocks, which often go flat with major weight loss.

Body lifts are long-lasting and can definitely impact your appearance.

2. Tummy Tuck – For Men and Women

Another procedure that can help with the appearance of your body is a tummy tuck. This is a surgery that helps to flatten the stomach area. Basically, a tummy tuck involves manipulating the skin, tissues and muscle in the abdominal area. Surgeons are also able to slightly move or shape your belly button so that it looks correct with your new look. In some cases, liposuction is used to help with the final look of the tummy tuck.

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3. Breast Lift – For Women

Some women find that, after losing a great deal of weight, their breasts seem to sag and droop more than they would like. A breast lift procedure allows your surgeon to remove excess skin and tissue while repositioning the nipple at a more natural level. In some cases, breast implants can also help to improve the shape and look of breasts.

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It’s important to know that in order to have any of these procedures, a patient should be at a stable weight, in good health and committed to proper nutrition and fitness.

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