What are the Benefits of Breast Reduction?

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Many women come to Brown Plastic Surgery seeking my help in finding a solution to excessively large or heavy breasts. They are self-conscious about the appearance of their breasts and often experience lifestyle restrictions and medical problems such as chronic back and shoulder pain. 

I almost always encourage these women to consider breast reduction surgery. The goal of breast reduction is to remove heavy breast tissue and reposition the breasts. Depending upon your exact needs and goals, a breast reduction procedure may be covered by insurance. Below, I’ll outline the major benefits of this procedure so you can decide if it’s a good option for you.

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I’ve found that many women with excessively large breasts have refrained from participating in sports, exercise and other activities. Their breasts have made it uncomfortable for them to do so and increased their risk of injury. If you undergo breast reduction surgery, you’ll find it much easier to participate and enjoy sports and exercise.


If you have excessively large breasts, you may find it difficult to find clothes that fit you properly. It’s highly likely that most of the clothes you try on either fit the chest or the rest of your body, rather than both. A breast reduction surgery can make it easier for you to shop for clothes. It can open the doors to more clothing options and the freedom to wear the types of garments you want. 



The reality is that the heavier and more out of proportion your breasts are, the higher your chances are of developing stretch marks. In addition to improving your posture and comfort, breast reduction surgery can help you avoid stretch marks. This can boost your confidence as you get older. 


One of the most common health issues that comes with heavy breasts is chronic back pain. Since breast reduction reduces the weight in your breasts, it can improve your back pain and make it easier for you to participate in everyday activities without pain.


If you have large breasts, it’s likely that you experience shortness of breath more often than you’d like. A breast reduction can do wonders for your respiratory function, especially if you are living with asthma. 

My daughter who was 15 years old at the time needed a breast reduction. She had constant back pain and for a young teenage girl shopping for clothing was a nightmare because of her large breasts. I didn’t even know a teenage girl could have this surgery, but Dr Brown told me he has done breast reduction surgeries on girls as young as 14. It has been 4 months since her surgery and it has been life changing! She can shop for clothes in the junior section like any other teenage girl and for the first time ever is SO excited to go shopping for a homecoming dress this year! She is able to work out again without pain and be active doing things she enjoys. Dr Brown and his staff were so amazing and helpful and I wish I could say more about how much their help and compassion have meant to us. She is now able to spend her teen years looking forward to dances and other fun activities again. Dr Brown really has changed her life!

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