What Procedures Are Available for the Nipples/Areolas?

When women come to Brown Plastic Surgery for any type of breast consultation, they often ask me if there’s anything they can do to change the appearance of their nipples or areolas during surgery. Because the nipple/areolar complex is so vital to the aesthetics of the breasts, it’s an important consideration during any breast procedure.

The good news is that I offer customized procedures that can help resolve many of the common concerns women have: hanging, inverted, or long nipples, and/or disproportionately large areolas. Read on to discover the options.

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How Do Nipple and Areola Procedures Work?

I can perform a nipple and areola procedure on its own or pair it with a breast augmentation, breast reduction, or breast lift. Since your nipples and areolas are unique, I’ll take the time to design a custom procedure that will help you meet your aesthetic goals. No two procedures are ever alike because no two patients are alike.

If you are bothered by age-related low nipples, I can conduct a nipple lift that improves the symmetry of your nipples. In the event your nipples are enlarged because of breastfeeding, I can bring them back to your ideal size through nipple reduction surgery.

I can also correct inverted nipples with a simple procedure under local anesthesia. By scheduling a consultation at Brown Plastic Surgery, you can learn about the various options for your particular situation.

Nipple & Areola Surgery Consultations Available

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Results From Nipple and Areola Surgery

Nipple and areola surgery can improve the overall appearance of your breasts dramatically. I work thoughtfully and carefully to ensure that your nipples and areolas remain natural looking and adhere to what we’ve discussed prior to surgery. Oftentimes, women feel both a sense of relief and a renewed self-confidence after their breast surgery.

Good Candidates for Nipple and Areola Surgery 

There are a number of candidates who may benefit from nipple and areola surgery. I recommend this procedure if you are bothered by enlarged areolas or have long, droopy, or inverted nipples. If you smoke, or you have an excessively high BMI, we’ll need to talk about implementing some lifestyle changes so that you can undergo surgery safely.

Dr. Brown is one of the most compassionate physician I have ever met. He loves his job and you can see that in how he treats his patients and there results. I would and always recommend him to friends and family both cosmetic and reconstruction patients. If you are looking for a doctor who takes his time to hear you thoughts and concerns he is your guy.

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