Which Plastic Surgery Procedures Should Be Done Together to Save Money and Recovery Time

by | Aug 25, 2015

Which Plastic Surgery Procedures Should Be Done Together to Save Money and Recovery TimeChoosing to have any kind of plastic surgery is big decision that should be carefully thought out and planned. If planned correctly, there are some huge advantages to having more than one plastic surgery completed at the same time. For a patient who knows that he or she wants more than one procedure, it is a good idea to discuss options with your plastic surgeon to find out if they can be done together.

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Facial Surgeries

Most facial procedures such as a facelift, rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty can be done together. If you are planning on having a facelift and know that you would like to have a nose job down the road, talk to your surgeon about the possibility of having them both completed at the same time. This not only makes it easier for the surgeon, but can be beneficial for you as well.

When you have more than one facial procedure completed at the same time, you are actually able to cut the cost of the procedure by a significant amount. Both the surgical facilities and the anesthesiologist charge an hourly rate. You save money because the facility and the anesthesia can be used at the same time for both procedures.

Body Surgeries

Certain body surgeries can be performed together at the same time as well. For example, many women who come in for breast augmentation surgery are also interested in an abdominoplasty. Most surgeons would advise patients to have these surgeries at the same time to save time and money.

With any plastic surgery, there is going to be some recovery time once the procedure is finished. Why not recover from both surgeries at the same time rather than having to go through two separate recoveries? This allows patients to miss less time at work and spend less time away from their kids.

Plus, just like with the facial surgeries, having both body surgeries at the same time cuts down on the overall cost. These savings are then passed along to the patient.

Talk to Your Surgeon

If you know you want more than one plastic surgery, be sure to talk to your surgeon to find out if both procedures can be completed at the same time. Dr. Richard J. Brown has helped many of his patients save money and time in the past by performing more than one procedure at a time and will be willing to discuss this option with you.

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