Will Bigger Implants Result in Stretch Marks?

by | Apr 6, 2015

Will Bigger Implants Result in Stretch Marks?

It is very common for women considering breast implants to ask about developing stretch marks. These are women who have either experienced stretch marks in other parts of their bodies from pregnancy or gaining weight, or they might be women who have seen stretch marks in other women.

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There is no definite answer although we can say that we have only seen a handful of cases where stretch marks occur after a breast implant surgery. They are not a complication that we focus on because it happens so rarely.

Even when reassuring women that there is a very small likelihood that they will see stretch marks after their breast augmentation surgery, some typically follow up with questions about what they can do to ensure they avoid them. They often talk about precautions they have read online such as ointments and lotions. It surprises most women to learn that the main cause of stretch marks has very little to do with the products they use and more to do with genetics.

Women who have already experienced stretch marks in other parts of their bodies are more likely to develop them after breast augmentation surgery. Women with thin, weak skin will typically see stretch marks more than those with stronger skin. It has less to do with the size of the implants they are getting and more to do with the natural elasticity of their skin. These women would most likely experience stretch marks in natural situations, such as breast growth during pregnancy.

This is actually an important part of the examination process that should take place before any plans for surgery are put into place. The doctor who will be performing the implant surgery should carefully examine your skin and ask questions about stretch marks you may have in other areas of your body. Knowing how prone you are to stretch marks may influence the doctor when it comes to suggesting the size of the implant you should use. If you already have stretch marks that have occurred naturally, it may be a good idea to stay away from large implants.

The good news is, when you work with Dr. Richard J. Brown, he will take the time to properly assess the situation and make proper recommendations along the way. His experience allows him to know what to look for and what things to discuss with his patients before a surgery is scheduled. If he senses that a certain procedure will result in unsightly stretch marks, you can trust that he will let you know.

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