Will I Experience Back Pain After I Get Large Breast Implants?

by | Sep 21, 2015

Will I Experience Back Pain After I Get Large Breast Implants?When board certified plastic surgeon Dr Richard J. Brown consults with patients who are considering having a breast augmentation surgery, he often hears concerns that large breast implants will cause back pain.

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Luckily, large breasts are usually not the sole cause of back pain, though they may contribute to pain caused by injury, pregnancy or a weakened spine. Often the back pain mistakenly associated with large breasts is actually due to a hunching of the shoulders, which strains the vertebrae and muscles in a woman’s upper back and between her shoulders.

Sometimes patients who opt for implants on the larger side may experience back pain for the first few weeks following surgery. This is the result of the spine and muscles adjusting to the added weight on the front of the body. In almost every case, this pain disappears within a few weeks following surgery and does not continue to cause problems down the road.

If you suffer from back pain and worry that a breast augmentation surgery could increase your pain in that area, a breast lift may be a better option for you. Though a breast lift will not increase your cup size, it will move the breast higher up on the chest wall and counteract the droopy appearance that sometimes comes with breastfeeding or aging. Be sure to discuss your concerns with Dr. Brown at your initial consultation.

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