How Long is Recovery From a Labiaplasty?

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Labiaplasty is becoming an increasingly popular vaginal rejuvenation procedure among women of all ages. Many women naturally have excess inner labia tissue that is bothersome; others experience a stretched vaginal canal or labial tissue post-childbirth that troubles them. These conditions are not necessarily just cosmetic – they can also lead to uncomfortable or painful intercourse and/or discomfort in clothing. Labiaplasty can correct these issues, allowing you to feel more comfortable and self-confident. Keep reading to find out about the labiaplasty recovery process.

Labiaplasty Scottsdale


Believe it or not, labiaplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for women in the United States. During a labiaplasty at Brown Plastic Surgery, I will likely trim the inner fold of your labia to make it proportionate to the outer fold. You’ll enjoy a reshaped labia that leads to beautiful, natural, and long-lasting results. Depending on your unique surgical plan, I’ll administer general or local anesthesia. 


While you’ll enjoy a change in your labia’s appearance right away, the final results will be apparent once your skin has healed completely. Fortunately, recovery from labiaplasty is fairly simple. 

Immediately after the surgery, you may face some swelling and discomfort, which can be reduced by applying ice packs. I’ll suggest that you refrain from sexual intercourse and strenuous activities like exercise for about 4 to 6 weeks. In addition, I’ll ask you to avoid tight clothing and stick to loose-fitting options for at least 10 days. 

Also, I’ll encourage you to take a few days off work so you can rest and recover. Most of my patients at Brown Plastic Surgery found that the short recovery period of a labiaplasty is a small tradeoff for the dramatic improvement to their quality of life.



If you are bothered by the appearance of your labia, you may be a good candidate for labiaplasty. This procedure may also be beneficial if you have painful or uncomfortable sex because of the size and shape of your labia. I may also suggest labiaplasty if you feel insecure about your labia every time you wear swimsuits or other tight-fitting clothing.

“After contemplating breast augmentation for 8 years I finally went for it. After my first consultation with Dr. Brown I knew I had chosen a great PS. He took his time during my consultation to listen to my expectations and concerns. After going over everything he helped me make the decision on the implant shape and size that would best fit my body and ideal outcome. I am now 6 weeks post op and everything is going great. I am so so so so happy with my results. Dr. Brown and his staff have been so wonderful through out this entire experience and I highly recommend. Thanks Dr. Brown!!!” *

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If you’re wondering if you’re a good candidate for a labiaplasty or have questions about the recovery period, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brown of Brown Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale, Arizona​ today. You can count on him to help you make an informed decision. Call us at (480) 568-3804 or fill out our convenient online contact form.