As with any plastic surgery procedure, recovering from breast augmentation will take some time and patience. You should listen to your body as you heal and give yourself the time and attention you need to fully recover.

We provide all of our Phoenix area patients with detailed instructions regarding what to expect after surgery and during recovery. We encourage you to ask questions if you are unsure about any part of the procedure and recovery.  Our goal is to make you feel comfortable at every step and be completely satisfied with your results.


Following your breast implant surgery, you will need a friend or loved one to drive you home and stay with you for at least 24 hours. You should focus on staying hydrated during your initial recovery and taking short, light walks to stimulate blood flow.

You will experience swelling and bruising, especially during the first 48 hours. This is a completely normal part of the healing process. Your breasts will appear larger than their final size because of this swelling. It can take six months for most of the swelling to disappear and reveal your final results.


During the first few weeks of recovery, you should abide by the restrictions that we have talked to you about. You should not engage in vigorous physical activity for approximately six weeks. This includes lifting more than 10 pounds.

You will need to wear your surgical or sports bra during this time for support. You should not engage in your normal exercise routine, swimming, or enjoying a hot-tub until Dr. Brown clears you for those activities.

If you are ready to see how breast augmentation can boost your confidence and make you love your figure, please contact Dr. Richard Brown or call 877-590-1169 today to schedule your consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon in the Phoenix area.