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use Botox

Top 7 Reasons to Use Botox

use Botox BOTOX is a very popular cosmetic procedure. It’s use has been exponentially on the rise in the U.S. over the last decade. Clinically tested and approved, it’s a safe and effective method of smoothing out your wrinkles. BOTOX also has several other surprising health benefits. It can treat a range of ailments you wouldn’t expect. At the office of board certified plastic surgeon Richard J. Brown, we’ve had years of experience administering BOTOX. We’ve seen how it’s improved the lives of our patients. Here are seven reasons why you should use BOTOX.
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Why We Started #ReleaseYourInnerBeauty

Everybody is beautiful. That’s something we believe down to the core of our beings here at the offices of Scottsdale board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard J. Brown. Each day we have the pleasure of working with patients who are intelligent, caring, and accomplished. They’re drop-dead gorgeous, both inside and out. But not everyone sees it that way. The thing is, you can be perfectly happy with yourself as a person and still feel out of place in your own skin. Just because you are successful and intelligent and have a happy, loving family doesn’t mean you’ll feel beautiful. Sometimes in spite of all your accomplishments, you simply don’t feel whole.
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What You’ll Gain From A Breast Reduction

You’re Not Losing Anything: What You’ll Gain From a Breast Reduction

When people think of breast reductions, they often think of loss. “Reduction” makes it sound like something is being taken away. The truth is that breast reduction surgery does the exact opposite: The surgery adds a tremendous amount of freedom, comfort and options to your life by reducing the size of your breasts. It’s not a question of what you’ll lose: It’s all about what you’ll be gaining after your surgery. Breast reductions can be life-changing procedures in the best possible way. At the office of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard J. Brown, we’ve seen firsthand just how much it can enhance the lives of our patients. If you’re wondering what you can gain from getting a reduction, read on to see what you can look forward.
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things to know before a mommy makeover

5 Things to Know Before Having a Mommy Makeover

Few changes are as fulfilling, meaningful and powerful as giving birth to a child. It’s a great big change to your life, to your family and to the world itself. But it also means a bunch of small changes for your body, as well. You may end up with more weight, you may get stretchmarks, or your breasts may change shape or lose volume. You feel grateful for the big change you’ve brought into the world but wishing you still had the body you had before it happened. But like the old saying goes: change is good. Mothers who want to get back in touch with the active bodies they had before pregnancy may not have access to a time machine, but they have the next best thing available to them: a mommy makeover! A series of surgical procedures, mommy makeovers use a combination of tummy tucks, liposuction and breast surgeries to restore mothers back to their pre-childbirth bodies.
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5 biggest myths about breast reduction

5 Biggest Myths About Breast Reductions

Bigger isn’t always better. Women who have larger breasts may have to deal with a variety of issues and complications that their less-endowed peers don’t have to worry about. Larger breasts can put strain on the back, neck and shoulders. They can make it harder to play sports and engage in other athletic activities. And they can draw unwanted attention. For women who are struggling with these issues, or who think they would look better with a smaller bust, breast reduction surgery can be the answer to their prayers. Breast reductions remove excess tissue and reshape the entire breast into something that is smaller and symmetrical. Unfortunately, many women are hesitant to look into the surgery because of all the myths about breast reductions and misconceptions that surround it.
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benefits of breast augmentation

3 Unexpected Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentations can do more than just change your body: They can change your life! While the physical changes and benefits brought on by getting breast implants, lifts or reductions are easy to see, what isn’t immediately apparent is the psychological and social benefits of breast augmentation. But studies have shown that there are very real psychological benefits to augmentation surgeries — you won’t just be a new you on the outside.
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Will Having Children Ruin the Look of My Implants?

newnameThere are so many questions that can come up when a woman finds out she is pregnant. She is about to embark on a life-changing experience, including some major changes to her body. One of the more significant changes that takes place during pregnancy involves a woman’s breasts. If you have already had implants and are pregnant, one of your questions may be will having children ruin the look of my implants?  As hormones kick in and breasts become engorged with milk, it can definitely change their size and shape. For women with breast implants, there are often questions about how having children will affect their implants. There are concerns about the safety of breast-feeding and how the changes in their breasts will affect the look of their implants.

We hope this article helps to answer some of these questions and concerns.

Breast Implants and Pregnancy The good news is pregnancy alone won’t affect your breast implants. As hormone levels fluctuate during pregnancy, it can cause breasts to swell and enlarge. The breasts are increasing in volume as they prepare for breastfeeding. Once breastfeeding is over, the breast will shrink in size as the breast volume decreases. Related: 8 Ways to Prepare for a Breast Augmentation These changes in size and shape of the breasts can be permanent. While the breast implant stays in place and holds its shape, the rest of the breast may take on a different look. It is impossible to say how much of a change will occur because it is different for each woman. In some cases, it is a very small change that doesn’t seem to make a difference. Some women are absolutely fine with the effects. For those who experience a more extreme change, a breast lift can solve the problem and restore the breasts to the way they looked before.

If you’re planning on having multiple children, it is probably a good idea to wait to have any other breast augmentation or breast lift completed until you’re finished having kids.

Breastfeeding with Implants In most cases, women with breast implants are still okay to breastfeed when their baby is born.  Implants are placed under the ducts that produce milk and therefore, should not disrupt or interfere with breastfeeding. However, there may be issues with breastfeeding based on where the incisions were made at the time of the implant surgery.  If incisions were made around the areola, it may have caused nerve damage, which can affect the mother’s ability to breastfeed.  This is also true if a surgeon used a periareolar incision – an incision made directly below the areola.  This type of incision may negatively impact the viability of the milk ducts. These types of complications with breastfeeding are definitely more the exception than the norm. New mothers will be able to tell rather quickly if there are issues by simply attempting to breastfeed. It may also be a good idea to let your doctor know that you have implants so they can be sure to monitor the baby’s weight to be sure they are getting enough to eat. Related: 5 Way a Breast Lift can Change your Life  Pregnancy will often cause changes in the appearance of the breasts whether you’ve had a breast implant or not.  If you’ve had implants, you shouldn't worry about these changes, as they are natural.  You’ll still be able to experience pregnancy and breastfeeding in a normal way.

At the end of your pregnancy, if you’re unhappy with look of your breasts, call us and we will set up a consultation with Dr. Brown to discuss your options.

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Plastic Surgery: How Young is Too Young?

Deciding at which age plastic surgery is appropriate is a hard line to draw. The reason most surgeons wait to operate on teenagers until they’re 18 is because they simply aren't old enough to make the decision on their own and because their features and bodies are still maturing. r6uryikrsfytrAs teenagers go through middle school and high school, their self-esteem is developing. They’re surrounded by criticism that can have an influence on the way they feel about themselves. Part of growing up is learning to love yourself and your body. By performing plastic surgery at an early age, you could take away their ability to do that. Emotional and physical maturity are crucial. Related: Truth Behind Thigh Gaps In some cases, plastic surgery may be medically necessary for things such as rhinoplasty to fix a deviated septum, breast reduction for back pain and to help with acne scarring. For aesthetic surgeries, we prefer that the patient wait until they’re older and can make a well informed decision based on what they want and not how the people around them view their body. It is important to bring your questions and your parents with you to your consultation if you are under eighteen. Dr. Brown will address all of your concerns at the consultation and recommend the best course of action that you all can agree on. That might mean, the decision to do nothing at this time. Related: How to Choose your Surgeon  To schedule a consultation with Dr. Brown to learn more about his policies at his Sun City and Scottsdale plastic surgery offices, please call 480-947-2455.  
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Let Your Body Heal Before a Mommy Makeover

wait for a mommy makeoverHaving a child is such a wonderful experience, but as you know, it can change a woman’s body in many ways. There might come a time when diet and exercise simply can’t give you the results you’re looking for. But the big question from our patients is…

How long do I have to wait to get a mommy makeover?

Giving birth, while a beautiful time in a woman’s life,  takes a toll on the body. Not only aesthetically, but physically. It’s incredibly important to give your body time to heal after delivery. A woman’s body will also make its own natural changes following delivery, and Dr. Brown likes to see those changes happen before presenting plastic surgery as an option. Related: Is the Mommy Makeover Right For You? Usually a woman’s body will be completely healed and ready for a surgical procedure after a few months. During those months a few things will happen:
  • The breast tissue will no longer be engorged with milk
  • The ‘baby weight’ will start to diminish
  • A c-section will have healed (if applicable)
Mommy makeovers will address a few areas of the body that we have chosen as the problem areas for women after childbirth. The mommy makeover includes the following cosmetic procedures:
  • Tummy tuck
  • Breast augmentation and/or breast lift
  • Liposuction
Related: Bring These 4 Things With You to Your Plastic Surgery Consultation Dr. Brown is the premiere plastic surgeon in Scottsdale and Sun City for mommy makeovers and many other plastic surgery procedures. He will make sure your body and mind are ready for a mommy makeover. If you’re concerned about how long to wait before having a mommy makeover, schedule a consultation with Dr. Brown by calling 480-947-2455.
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What You Can Expect During Your Plastic Surgery Consultation With Dr. Brown

plastic surgery consultationYour plastic surgery consultation is all about getting you the information you need. When you come to Richard J. Brown’s office, whether it’s the plastic surgery office in Scottsdale or the second surgery office in Sun City, we take the time to make you feel 100% confident in your choice to have surgery. From rhinoplasty in Scottsdale to breast reconstruction in Sun City, our consultations all have the same educational, friendly experience. Here’s what you can expect. What should I bring with me to my consultation? Visit our plastic surgery consultation checklist to make sure you come prepared. What should I expect from Dr. Brown and his staff? All of us here at Richard J. Brown strive to be the most patient oriented, professional and warm group of plastic surgery pros in the business. We do our best to answer every question and concern of each patient during the plastic surgery consultation as if they were our one and only client. Who will I meet?
  • Dr. Brown’s nurse will meet you in the examination room to go over medical history, current medications, past surgeries and allergies. She will also do a standard examination including recording your vitals, height, weight and blood pressure.
  • Next, you will meet Dr. Brown to go over your procedure. He will explain in detail the procedure that you are interested in having and give you information on what to expect before and after the surgery. He will also take time to go over your expectations and realistic results. The goal is to have a delighted patient by the time we reach your final post-operative appointment and this begins with realistic expectations about your procedure and the results during your plastic surgery consultation.
  • Finally, you will spend time with our Patient Care Coordinator, Kati Walker. She will go over pricing, payment options and answer any final questions you may have. By the time you leave the office, you will have a complete picture of your surgery day and what you can expect.
If you would like to schedule your plastic surgery consultation appointment with Dr. Brown, call us at 480-947-2455 for our Scottsdale plastic surgery office or Sun City plastic surgery location.
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