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How a Tummy Tuck Can Help You See the Finish Line

How a Tummy Tuck Can Help You See the Finish Line

Sometimes life can feel like a race. It’s you and Time, running neck and neck, trying to stay ahead of each other, the same race that every human being on Earth is running. And sometimes that race can feel harder than it should, because your body goes through changes that can slow you down and make you feel self-conscious. The good news is that you can keep running that marathon with your head held high: There are some changes you can turn back the clock on with a tummy tuck! At the office of board certified plastic surgeon Richard J. Brown, tummy tucks are one of our most popular treatments. Tucks can turn back that clock and correct changes to your body that you may have no control over. If you’re wondering how getting a tummy tuck can help you, read on as we breakdown what they are and what they can do for you.
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4 Common Misconceptions About Mommy Makeovers

4 Common Misconceptions About Mommy Makeovers

Sometimes becoming the “new you” means getting back to the “old you”. Any mother can tell you: Bringing a child into the world changes you. And some of those changes might not be ones you want sticking around for the rest of your life. That’s where getting back to the “old you” comes in: Thanks to mommy makeovers, you can restore your body back to its pre-childbirth state! At the office of board certified plastic surgeon Richard J. Brown, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about mommy makeovers. It’s a very popular procedure AND a highly misunderstood one. A lot of misconceptions surround this life-changing, life-enhancing process. Let us clear up the confusion by debunking four of the most common misconceptions about mommy makeovers.
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Breast Reduction Surgery

5 Signs a Breast Reduction Surgery is Right For You

As the old saying goes, less is more. The truth is that for certain body types large breasts can be a major inconvenience and source of discomfort. For many women out there, having a breast reduction surgery is a life-changing procedure, freeing them from mental and physical stress and allowing them to do activities and pursue goals they couldn’t have done with a larger bust. If you’re wondering if a breast reduction surgery is right for you, we can help! Dr. Richard J. Brown is a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience performing breast reductions and helping clients grow into the bodies that best suit their health needs and lifestyles. If you find yourself nodding along as you read about these five signs, a breast reduction surgery may be right for you.
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Why We Started #ReleaseYourInnerBeauty

Everybody is beautiful. That’s something we believe down to the core of our beings here at the offices of Scottsdale board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard J. Brown. Each day we have the pleasure of working with patients who are intelligent, caring, and accomplished. They’re drop-dead gorgeous, both inside and out. But not everyone sees it that way. The thing is, you can be perfectly happy with yourself as a person and still feel out of place in your own skin. Just because you are successful and intelligent and have a happy, loving family doesn’t mean you’ll feel beautiful. Sometimes in spite of all your accomplishments, you simply don’t feel whole.
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things to know before a mommy makeover

5 Things to Know Before Having a Mommy Makeover

Few changes are as fulfilling, meaningful and powerful as giving birth to a child. It’s a great big change to your life, to your family and to the world itself. But it also means a bunch of small changes for your body, as well. You may end up with more weight, you may get stretchmarks, or your breasts may change shape or lose volume. You feel grateful for the big change you’ve brought into the world but wishing you still had the body you had before it happened. But like the old saying goes: change is good. Mothers who want to get back in touch with the active bodies they had before pregnancy may not have access to a time machine, but they have the next best thing available to them: a mommy makeover! A series of surgical procedures, mommy makeovers use a combination of tummy tucks, liposuction and breast surgeries to restore mothers back to their pre-childbirth bodies.
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5 biggest myths about breast reduction

5 Biggest Myths About Breast Reductions

Bigger isn’t always better. Women who have larger breasts may have to deal with a variety of issues and complications that their less-endowed peers don’t have to worry about. Larger breasts can put strain on the back, neck and shoulders. They can make it harder to play sports and engage in other athletic activities. And they can draw unwanted attention. For women who are struggling with these issues, or who think they would look better with a smaller bust, breast reduction surgery can be the answer to their prayers. Breast reductions remove excess tissue and reshape the entire breast into something that is smaller and symmetrical. Unfortunately, many women are hesitant to look into the surgery because of all the myths about breast reductions and misconceptions that surround it.
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mommy makeover have it all

How a Mommy Makeover Can Help You Have it All

Bringing a new life into this world is an extraordinary thing that can transform a mother both mentally and physically. Sometimes that transformation can be a radical one. Our bodies are resilient and can bounce back from so many things, but pregnancy and childbirth are special cases. They can cause permanent changes that a mother may not want to have to spend the rest of her life living with.
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How to Get Your Pre-Children Figure Back

YtGMK3TEVibdt9gdOqZZ0pK26Nh67TWkfljDSyStzy0-1Women who have completely finished having children are often motivated to work on their bodies to get them back into the shape they were before having babies was part of the plan. Some women go to great lengths to get their pre-children figure back, spending an impressive amount of time and money working out, eating healthy and sculpting their bodies. While the results they end up seeing are definitely impressive, there are some women who get to a point where they just cannot seem to get rid of fat or loose skin in certain areas of their bodies. They may try many different specialized exercises or diets trying to address these areas of their body, but unfortunately, do not see the results they are looking for. Liposuction The good news is, there are some very powerful and proven methods available to these women that will allow them to address these problem areas. One of the more popular methods is liposuction. It is important to know that liposuction is not a weight loss solution. It is a body sculpting procedure that allows a doctor to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat that have not responded the way we would like them to through diet and exercise. Some of the more popular liposuction areas include the abdomen, thighs, hips, neck, and breasts. Liposuction is a short process with a quick recovery time and has proven to be very successful. Related: Will Having Children Ruin My Liposuction? Mommy Make-Over A Mommy Make-Over, like the one offered by Dr. Richard J. Brown, addresses several of the issues that may come up for women who have had children in the past. These women have also seen too few results from diet and exercise after giving birth to one or more children. The Mommy Make-Over helps to resolve the following:
  •      Laxity from stretching of the abdominal muscles and skin
  •      Changes in breast size, shape and skin quality
  •      Stretch marks
  •      Areas of fat not easily alleviated through diet and exercises
Mommy Make-Overs can be customized for each woman so that all important target areas are addressed. This could include breast augmentation, breast reduction, facelift, tummy tuck, and other skin dermabrasion procedures. Find out more about how Dr. Brown can help you reach your goal of looking and feeling like you did before you had children. We all know how special each person’s kids are to them and that most women would never trade the experience of having children for anything. Our goal is to help you look and feel as beautiful and confident as possible. Call us at 480-947-2455.
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Will Having Children Ruin My Liposuction?

181669883-300x196Women who are looking into liposuction as an option to rid themselves of unwanted fat in their abdomens, thighs, waist and backs often ask if a future pregnancy will undo or ruin the effects of liposuction. If they are still young and planning on having children down the road, they want to know if they are better off just waiting until after they have children before moving forward with liposuction. A pregnancy will not ruin or undo what liposuction has done. Liposuction is the process of removing small amounts of fat from various parts of the body. Once that fat is removed, it is gone forever. That is not to say that new fat cannot form in the same places – it can and it might when you get pregnant and have a baby. When a woman becomes pregnant, there are many different physical changes that will come about. Each woman’s pregnancy may be very different from another’s. There is no way to say that fat will definitely not form again in places in the body where you have had liposuction. It just depends on you and your body. There are women who have become pregnant after liposuction who claim that the procedure actually helped them avoid gaining fat or as much fat as they may have seen in a previous pregnancy. They say that the liposuction was helpful during their pregnancy. It is sometimes easy to confuse liposuction with other types of body makeover procedures such as a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck performed before a woman becomes pregnant is very likely to be undone or ruined as the baby grows. Tummy tucks, like the ones offered at Dr. Richard J. Brown’s office are a much more permanent procedure with results that can easily be disrupted by a pregnancy. So our answer is no, liposuction is not ruined or undone by a pregnancy. Some women seek out liposuction for results they want to see now, knowing that they will not be getting pregnant until further down the road. There is no reason to wait until after you have your child or children to pursue liposuction. Each patient seen at the offices of Richard J. Brown has a unique background and set of circumstances. By taking the time to learn more about each patient, including their medical history and their goals for the future, like having babies, Dr. Brown is able to make suggestions that make the most sense for the individual patient. Related: Will Having Children Ruing the Look of My Implants?  The best way to know and understand how liposuction can help you in your current situation is to set up a consultation with Dr. Brown. Call us at 480-947-2455 today and we can help you get started.
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Will Having Children Ruin the Look of My Implants?

newnameThere are so many questions that can come up when a woman finds out she is pregnant. She is about to embark on a life-changing experience, including some major changes to her body. One of the more significant changes that takes place during pregnancy involves a woman’s breasts. If you have already had implants and are pregnant, one of your questions may be will having children ruin the look of my implants?  As hormones kick in and breasts become engorged with milk, it can definitely change their size and shape. For women with breast implants, there are often questions about how having children will affect their implants. There are concerns about the safety of breast-feeding and how the changes in their breasts will affect the look of their implants.

We hope this article helps to answer some of these questions and concerns.

Breast Implants and Pregnancy The good news is pregnancy alone won’t affect your breast implants. As hormone levels fluctuate during pregnancy, it can cause breasts to swell and enlarge. The breasts are increasing in volume as they prepare for breastfeeding. Once breastfeeding is over, the breast will shrink in size as the breast volume decreases. Related: 8 Ways to Prepare for a Breast Augmentation These changes in size and shape of the breasts can be permanent. While the breast implant stays in place and holds its shape, the rest of the breast may take on a different look. It is impossible to say how much of a change will occur because it is different for each woman. In some cases, it is a very small change that doesn’t seem to make a difference. Some women are absolutely fine with the effects. For those who experience a more extreme change, a breast lift can solve the problem and restore the breasts to the way they looked before.

If you’re planning on having multiple children, it is probably a good idea to wait to have any other breast augmentation or breast lift completed until you’re finished having kids.

Breastfeeding with Implants In most cases, women with breast implants are still okay to breastfeed when their baby is born.  Implants are placed under the ducts that produce milk and therefore, should not disrupt or interfere with breastfeeding. However, there may be issues with breastfeeding based on where the incisions were made at the time of the implant surgery.  If incisions were made around the areola, it may have caused nerve damage, which can affect the mother’s ability to breastfeed.  This is also true if a surgeon used a periareolar incision – an incision made directly below the areola.  This type of incision may negatively impact the viability of the milk ducts. These types of complications with breastfeeding are definitely more the exception than the norm. New mothers will be able to tell rather quickly if there are issues by simply attempting to breastfeed. It may also be a good idea to let your doctor know that you have implants so they can be sure to monitor the baby’s weight to be sure they are getting enough to eat. Related: 5 Way a Breast Lift can Change your Life  Pregnancy will often cause changes in the appearance of the breasts whether you’ve had a breast implant or not.  If you’ve had implants, you shouldn't worry about these changes, as they are natural.  You’ll still be able to experience pregnancy and breastfeeding in a normal way.

At the end of your pregnancy, if you’re unhappy with look of your breasts, call us and we will set up a consultation with Dr. Brown to discuss your options.

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